Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sister to sister: An interview

My sister in luv Robin is lots of things that I want to be....organized, efficient, a great home manager and cook, as hospitable as you can possibly be, kind, compassionate, and respectful and so very loving to her husband. I'm so glad her husband is my big brother, "Bub"!

So, here is the second in my series of sibling interviews( If you missed out on John Mike's, scroll down until you see the black and white photo of the cutie playing a guitar). Hope you enjoy getting a glimpse into our sweet Robin........

Siblings: An Interview: Number 2

JENNY: What is one thing that you love about your life right now? Please be specific.

ROBIN: Hmmm. Just one? I love being married. I know that’s not so “specific” but it’s new to me. The idea of spending the rest of my life with this person…knowing that I’ll always be there for him and his family and he will do the same for me and mine. It’s a great sense of security and…bliss.

JENNY: Tell me about a vivid childhood memory

ROBIN: The summer before first grade I was playing in the backyard with my neighborhood friends. We dared each other to run up the slide with our eyes closed. I was the last one to go and I fell off the top and broke my arm. I remember my dad carrying me out of the yard to the car and my friends saying that they were just playing – they had their eyes open. I wasn’t really supposed to close them. Heh…either an early lesson in trust or friendship, not sure which one.

JENNY: What is one way you fit creativity into your life?

ROBIN:I love journaling and writing blogs. And I love photography, but don’t practice it enough. I have stacks of “scrapbooking” materials but have yet to start a scrapbook…I can’t wait though. When I see the really neat ones, I get inspired to try it. I guess in order to get it in my every day, I read or listen to music. I know that is not ME creating, but appreciating creations is just as important, right?

JENNY: One thing you have learned this past year?

ROBIN: Ooof. Again with the “one.” I think this was the year of love for me, on so many different levels. Of course, there is the love of my new husband…and how different it is than anything else I’ve ever felt. There is the love of new family, the love of rekindled friendships, love of life, love of relationships developed over the years. And as much love as I experienced, I witnessed even more…love of complete strangers, love in spite of, love regardless of, love unacknowledged, tough love, unwavering love. Lots of love without judgment and even more with patience. *sigh* It’s been a really good year.

JENNY: One way you hope to make this world a better place?

ROBIN: By using all that I have learned the past year (and all the years before, for that matter) and sharing it with others. It’s so easy to be kind, to be patient, to be thoughtful…but no one seems to try anymore. Instead of reaching out we are pulling back…we have become controlled by our fears which makes us reluctant to lend a helping hand…we judge others and their worth before deciding whether to help them. I want to change all that.

JENNY: One thing you love about your husband/wife….details.

ROBIN: I love his hugs. I know exactly what each one means and maybe physically…technically…there is no difference in how he wraps his arms around me, to me each one feels different and special and like it was designed just for the occasion, whatever occasion it might be…sad, happy, tired, worried, missing him…Don’t get me wrong…I know it’s not just the hug that gets to me…it’s what’s behind it. But you said one.

Thanks Robin...we love you!!! I am love,love,loving hearing your thoughts my brothers and sisters. I have laughed and cried and sighed and remembered just why it is I love you all so much, Jen

PS. Next up, mama to be Tara!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Mama and her chicks...

I love these pictures. The first one because Amelia's face is priceless! The rest because they are just so us. Just us before bedtime. Amelia and I straightening up the bed and Sam and I doing some quality reading while Amelia is having her "spa time" in the kitchen. Every night at around 6:30 in the Hunt house this is what's going on. I am trying to soak it up, these little routines that I so often take for granted. I don't want to forget how we straighten up all of the blankets each night before baths. Each of us has our favorite sleep spot and favorite blanket. Or how Joel usually gives the baths and lets me have a few relaxing moments with the other babe. How we still swaddle them up at bed time and how they like to have a soft blanket or lovie touching their face. How Sam likes his little brow lightly traced by my finger until he gets so sleepy his eyes can't stay open any longer and how Amelia will grab your finger or thumb so tightly while she violently sucks on her binkie until she starts to fade off to sleep. Usually she can fall asleep on her own now without nursing but sometimes she fights it big time and I'll put a soft blanket around her body and then pull her back and forth like she's in a hammock (or sling probably!) until she relaxes enough to fall asleep. And then we look at them in their little corner of our big,big bed and ooh and ahh over them and turn on the fan as we walk out of the bedroom to have our "free time" for the evening. Then around 9:30 we go in and snuggle into bed to see what the night has in store for us:) Last night Amelia woke up around 12:30 and was talking and squealing and laughing for like 30 minutes! Joel was laughing so hard the bed was shaking as we both woke up and were like, "What in the world is she doing?!" Sam slept through the whole thing but finally her talking turned to fussing and I decided the party needed to end so that we could all go back to sleep! She nursed and conked out. Sharing sleep with our babes is not always the easiest way to go. If 8-12 hours of uninterrupted sleep is your goal early on in babyhood, then I wouldn't recommend it for your family. Did you know that babies can smell breast milk up to 50 feet away? Or so a physical therapist told me a couple of weeks ago. Anyway, with mommy being so close to the babes, of course they want to wake up to eat more often than if they were in the other room! But for us, we can't imagine things any other way for now. It's a big part of our family rhythm. We are (gently, patiently) trying to establish some better "sleep associations" etc. that may help Amelia be able to go bck to sleep on her own more during the night, and for that I thank "The No-Cry Sleep Solution" book. It is written by a co-sleeping mama and has been a big encouragement to this mama! Anyway, how did this post become so enormously long? I guess because looking at these pictures makes me want to bottle up all that we are thinking, feeling, experiencing as parents at this's an emotional thing, this parenting business! Through the exhaustion, and frustrations, and mama-guilt, etc. thankfulness still reigns and that is something that I hope never changes.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Sammy says hi and Amelia dances a jig...

Here are a few words from Sam....they are both "talking" up a storm:)
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Sammy says hi...

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Amelia dances a jig...

Why does this make me laugh so hard? The turkey burgers in the background add a nice touch:)

Hope you guys had a fabulous weekend! Jen

Thursday, October 25, 2007

I have it SO together....

So I was leaving Paradise (if you are new to the blog Paradise is the bakery we visit, ahem, every morning)and I had yet another humbling experience. I think Motherhood is another word for humbling!

I was on my way out with the double stroller and I saw several people glance at the door like , "Should I go get the door for her? Poor thing, how does she get in and out of places with that thing?" I hate to admit this, but I was having a really smug conversation in my head that went something like this....

I was imagining two customers. One was saying, " Oh man, how is she going to get out the door with that?" Then the other says, "Oh no, she is here every morning and she can actually get in and out the door easily. She is a pro with that thing!"
Why am I admitting this? It is so embarrassing! What can I say, I am a sharer! So, I am having this silly conversation in my head as I confidently back open the door as I have done a million times,and once it is open I swing the stroller straight with one hand and get ready to let go of the door. I am smiling at my smooth maneuver ("No help needed here!") and start to walk away but something isn't right. I can't move away from the door. My back is somehow stuck to the door! Frantically, I try twice more to move forward, hoping that if I just move forcefully enough the whole situation would end quickly, but alas I am pulled back toward the door. What the?! I look behind me and see that my belt loop is hooked on the door lock!! It took a minute, but I managed to extricate myself from the lock and quickly walk away, the proud imaginary customer disappearing completely from my mind .

I don't make this stuff up guys, I just report it. I was going to keep this jewel to myself, but I told my mom and we giggled so hard that I decided to share it with you. Then again,we giggle at a lot of things that many others wouldn't find that amusing at all:) Anyways, here is to another humbling, exhausting, wonderful day of motherhood!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Take-out. It's our friend....

A few weeks ago I was getting take-out from Pei Wei ("Yes, I 'd like a Teryaki bowl with chicken and brown rice. Again." ) and I had both babes with me picking it up(It's within walking distance which makes it even more yummy). The girl helping me said, "Wow, how do you do it with two?!" "Lots and lots of take out!" was my reply.

Those of you who know us well may be saying, "What?! You guys have been eating lots of take-out WAY before babies came into the picture!"

What? I can't hear you.

Anyway, in other news....dads need time to play too.

He went to the mountains and came back refreshed:)

Another sibling to sibling interview coming your way soon! Jen

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Speaking of siblings...

Here are some really, really cute ones....

Sister to brother: An interview

Lately I have really been missing my siblings and my siblings- in- love. I just wish they were next door ( or at least in the same state) to chat with, to love on the babies, to enjoy this growing, evolving family we share. I miss their thoughts. So I emailed them and asked them some questions to reconnect, to be able to find out things that I didn't know about them even while being so far away. I haven't been disappointed.

The first to respond was John Michael. Surprised? He's good at that. My baby brother..... in many ways I have him stuck at fourteen, as that is the age he was when I got married. He was still a baby faced boy and now suddenly he is a man that is about to become a papa. I am and always have been so proud to have John Mike as a brother. So proud of his talent, his character, his focus and his heart. I miss our late night talks, little brother, and can't wait to watch Amelia and Sam one day as they chat late into the night about all things under the sun. Here, for you dear readers, is a little glimpse into John Mike.....

Jenny: What is one thing that you love about your life
right now? Please be specific.

John Mike: I love my history of popular music class. It's so
interesting. It's helping me re-evaluate my existence
as a musician.

Jenny: Tell me about a vivid childhood memory.

John Mike: Well there was that time I was going to fake throw an
orange at your face, however it managed to slip out of
my hand and hit you right between the eyes.

Jenny: What is one way you fit creativity into yourlife?

John Mike: Songwriting... Playing instruments....
wearing particularly strange outfits ect.

Jenny : One way you hope to make this world a better

John Mike: Love my little girl. Love my wife. Love my
family. Love my enemies. Love my neighbors. and
create music that somehow pleases our Savior.

Jenny :One thing you love about your wife….details.

John Mike: Tara has great taste in
music, food, movies, books and so on.. She is so very
compassionate and she is already going above and
beyond to prepare herself to become a wonderful
little momma.

Thanks for playing along JM--we love you! Jen

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I love this...

"If mothers could learn to do for themselves what they do for their children, we should have happier households. Let the mother go out to play! If she would only have courage to let everything go when life becomes too tense, and just take a day, or half a day, out in the fields, or with a favorite book, or in a picture gallery looking long and well at just two or three pictures, or in bed, without the children, life would go on far more happily for both children and parents."
Charlotte Mason

My friend Anne and I acted on this quote today and spent a few hours on our own. We were seriously giddy as she picked me up and we left our men with the babes (thanks guys!) and we rolled down the windows and we zoomed away. Now, admittedly, 95% of our conversations centered around our little families and 100% of our purchases from our shopping trip will adorn the wee little bodies of our babies.....but still! It was so much fun and I really think Charlotte Mason knew her stuff:)

Of course, these little love bugs and their papa were wonderful to come home to....they had a great time taking a long walk to the ice cream shop, Old Navy, etc. Joel called and let me know that all was well.....which did a great deal to set my heart at ease.

I also love this random Big Bird video from the 1970's....

Yes, I did just post a video of Big Bird talking about breastfeeding. You know you think it's sweet too:)

All for now, Jen

One and one make two....

I walked into the nursery yesterday to find our two little ones having their first fight! Okay, maybe that's going a tad bit too far, but Amelia was definitely not wanting to share her favorite toy. So, what is a mom to do? Run and grab her camera of course! I am so sad that it ran out of memory so quickly because it went on for a while longer. Sam would tug on the toy, Amelia would cry and pull it away and stop crying. Sam would look at her like "What is the problem?!" and grab it again and she would cry and pull it away....I couldn't believe my eyes. Of course, it is funny now but I'm sure all too soon it will be no joke! On the other hand, they love to play with each others hands these days and it makes it look like they're holding hands which is sooooo I do look forward to their little snuggles together as well. Anyway, without further is the evidence! Oh, and I added some pictures to the video to remind us just how far they have come together since they came home from the hospital in June--for one thing, they have gone from 4 pounds to 12, praise the Lord!
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one and one make two

Saturday, October 13, 2007

A narrow escape....

Nobody slept very much in the Hunt house last night. Nobody slept very much at all. I'm not sure how many times the babes woke up because I make it a point not to look at the clock, but it was a lot. So we had two (um, four) unhappy campers this morning that were tired and grumpy and were in dire need of a walk. Joel had to work so I loaded the babies up and off we went...I think we left at about 7:45am. It started to drizzle and so, of course, we had to duck into Paradise Bakery for cover. Sammy was still awake and Amelia was snoozing. I got my treats and sat down with Sammy and a People magazine in my arms to relax and recover from our night(mare). Sam soon fell asleep and I sighed a happy sigh. An older woman walked past and did a double take and came over to say ," Oh my goodness. Two! You have a big job!" "Yes," I replied...and then looking at the two sleeping babes and lots of articles waiting to be read while sipping hot chocolate I said, "but a good one." She smiled and walked to her table which had an easy view of the babes and I. I read and I drank hot chocolate and after about 30 minutes I thought, "You should probably leave while you're ahead." Amelia had just woken up and I knew she would probably be hungry soon. "But I'm having so much fun", I thought, "and I deserve it after last night!" So I put sleeping Sam in the stroller and got Amelia out to hold her. She smiled and talked and we were having a great ol' time until suddenly it wasn't great for her anymore. She started fussing loudly and so I tried to put her back in the stroller to make a hasty retreat. Her shoe fell off, her hat fell over her eyes and she started crying...really crying. "Well, i guess I better feed her." By this time the place was pretty busy, but being the lactivist that I am, I thought, "Just do it Jenny!" So I did. Ahhh, no more crying baby. Until about five minutes later when Sam started to stir. As he started to get increasingly fussy I reached down to end the current nursing session. When I looked back up Sam had squirmed so much that he was literally sliding out of his stroller seat onto the floor! In a move that can only be made by a desperate mother I managed to unlatch Amelia and thrust her into her stroller seat in time to catch Sam from falling onto the floor. Whew! I quickly buckled them in so I wouldn't have any more babies sliding onto floors, threw my trash away and headed for the door. Meanwhile I caught the eye of the older lady and we smiled a knowing smile.
" It is indeed a big job", I said with my eyes. "But a good one", she said with hers.

And out the door and on with our day we went-- a ragtag tribe consisting of a baby with one shoe on, one off, spit up waiting to erupt at any moment...another babe hungry and letting his mama know it....a mama who had on the same fleece pants and top that she as been wearing all week, with hair that needs to be washed and clutching a magazine still waiting to be read. And yet, a tribe we are and that makes me glad. And I know that eventually the babes will sleep through the night again and we will wake up rested and be on our best behavior. Until then, well, watch out world because we can be quite a mess, we three.....but your smiles and words of encouragement help us through.... they are little reminders to enjoy the moments, even the crazy ones, that are quickly flying by. Jen

Friday, October 12, 2007

For Jami....

I have updated my Picasa picture albums...just click on the September 2007 album to the right and look at pictures until your heart is content....i think there is something like 200 of them! Jen

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Now more than ever....

he makes my heart pitter patter.

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Amelia and her Papa

p.s. sorry that the video is a bit upside down:)

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Well, that wasn't fun....

It is over for the most part, though. I just have to keep working to get my milk supply back up--it takes a LOT of milk to feed these babies! My fever is moved right into my lips and now they are covered in fever blisters--yay (not really)! They are actually healing pretty quickly and I think we'll be over that soon. So, there is an update for ya on the evil mastitis situation. Moving on to happier topics, here are a few recent pictures of the babes in their cold weather clothes and a few from when their Grandma and Grandpa were here (the photographer was out of commission and in bed so we didn't get near as many as we normally would have). Hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday, Jen

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Slowly,slowly, I am returning....

From the land of evil mastitis. We thought it was a really bad case of the flu....I would shiver until my teeth would chatter and then throw off the wool blanket and beanie as i would burn up. Fever, nausea, body aches, the works. Then I went to take a shower and noticed that my breast was really red....Joel put it all together and we called the after hours midwife. She agreed that it sounded like a classic breast infection and called in a perscription for me.

The Lord was so faithful in having the Hunts here while I ws down for the count. They took total care of the babes while Joel was at work! All I did was pump and breastfeed, which was difficult as my milk production went way down ( right after pouring out all of that expired milk!) . I think it is slowly coming back but I may still have a plugged milk duct so I am soaking in the tub, using a hot compress, etc.

Jim and Shari left this morning so Joel took off of work to give me another day to recover, Anyway, just wanted to let you know what has been going on. Hopefully our little household will be functioning normally soon and I'll post some cute pictures of the babes! Jen

Monday, October 01, 2007

News flash!

Grandma and Grandpa Hunt (Jim and Shari) are here! They were at a missions conference in Colorado and decided that they couldn't go home without coming to see their grandbabies--you know, since they were so "close" to Salt Lake City:) So here they are until Thurdsay morning--yay! More soon, Jen