Sunday, April 20, 2014

The hope of Easter.

Today what I felt was the hope of Easter. The hope that comes from the fact that, though life is messy and broken, God is with us. Resurrected and present in our mess, making beauty from our ashes. I don't understand it all, my faith often feels so weak and pitiful, so thank goodness His faithfulness isn't dependent on me! 
It was a sweet morning, a celebratory afternoon at church ( which held their service and block party at their new space 2 blocks away! Yippie!), and tough late afternoon/evening as we came home and Jubilee immediately started throwing up. Sigh. Ollie JUST got over a round of hand, foot and mouth while Joel was out of town. Anyway, just one of those messy realities! 
Here's our little Easter table. Ready last night with baskets that held a new book, a few treats, and new super soft stuffed bunnies from Mammy. All were appreciated.:) 
We found the twins playing with their bunnies by the tulips- so cute:) 

Loving our backyard tulips and looking out the living room window at our cherry tree blossoms! 
Poor baby girl. 
Reading with his cheerleaders:) 
Love, love, love watching them ride their bikes together. It's just the best!!
Would you look at that flower garden?! It's a few blocks from our house, such a surprising sight in an area where flower gardens don't abound. An older man grows and tends it right outside his yard, between the sidewalk and the road. I hope I get to tell him one day how much I appreciate the work he puts into it!! Anyway, Joel and I took the big kids and Ollie on a walk this evening and it was so nice to have a breath of fresh air before coming home to, well, more throw up. Whew. Anyway, happy Easter to you friends! Jen

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Jack and Jubilee.

Jack is our next door neighbor, and just a few months older than Jubilee. We have always thought they look like twins!:) Anyway, Jubilee has had a tummy bug for the past week and today she said, " Jack, I don't feel good." He stood up and looked right at her, grabbed her hand and said, " you don't feel good? Do you need anything?" While he repeated himself multiple times so she could understand, I grabbed my phone off the counter and snapped this photo:
                    Melt. My. Heart. 
Then when we were walking him home (next door), they were walking hand and hand and he says to her, "Come, meet my family." Ahaha. Sweet little ones. So fun to see them at this stage.
In other news, the Hunt grandparents are here!! More on that soon!