Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sunshine, granola, (and caffeine)...

Ahhhh, this sunshiney day! It's made me hopeful that Spring is on the way ( I know, I know there is plenty of winter to come) and it energized me to get us all out on a walk and then out for some backyard play. Then Jubilee and I came in and made a batch of granola. While I was turned around getting the cinnamon from the cabinet she ate almost half the brown sugar I had just plopped into the bowl. Oops!
Also adding to my cheery disposition at the moment is that I had a diet coke with lunch. True confession, I have a diet coke almost everyday. I remember being pregnant with the twins and having ONE chai tea about halfway through my pregnancy and feeling so happy about it- such an indulgence that caffeine! Wow, three littles later and how things have changed. Hopefully I'll get on another "no diet coke" kick one of these days. I know it's the pits.
Here are some random recent happenings for ya:
*Can you tell which child made which flag in school? Hehe Such a classic example of their personalities:)
* Jubilee washing down her sugar clump with some milk.
* jubilee loves, loves, loves her baby dolls. At about 14months old she started bouncing them on her hip and patting their backs. Such a little mama. Good thing since she'll soon have a real, live babe in the house!!
* Her favorite book. She climbed up the stairs with it and found Joel to look at with her. :) It really is a lovely season series by Gerda Muller, just pictures. The kids loved them too. You can find them on Amazon.
That's all for now. I feel like I have so much more to say, but I better get this kitchen cleaned up!:) Jen

Monday, February 18, 2013

President's Day activities will have to wait...

Joel was off today and that meant an adventure with the big kids! They had so much fun exploring, hiking, and just being out in snowy, icy nature. Jubilee and I stayed warm at home, catching up on laundry and such ( exciting, I know:). Anyway, I do want to do some fun presidential projects/crafts/reading with the kiddos...but that can wait until tomorrow:) All for now, Jen

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Charlotte's Web...

I had to hand the book tearfully over to Joel to finish with the kids this evening because this hormonal mama could not do it. Oh, the sadness when Charlotte dies...I had forgotten!
I had told the kids that when we finished the book they could watch the movie, so tonight as we started nearing the end, they kept cheering for more and we ended up reading for, I don't know, a long time! And then, suddenly, we were finished and they were so excited to watch the movie and it was bedtime. Oops. Jubilee watched about five minutes and then went to bed and now the rest of us are piled into bed with popcorn watching the Dakota Fanning version....super cute!
I've loved hearing the kids being reminded of Stuart Little during our days after reading it..anytime they see pictures of mice in books or see something teeny and " Stuart size", so I'm looking forward to hearing what they remember and take from this story. Such a rich one!
Guess that's all for now. I probably won't be great at writing about all that we do in this homeschooling journey, but recording the literature we read ( at least the chapter books) comes more naturally and so hopefully I'll take little snippets of time to do it!
Hope your weekend includes some good reading too:) Jen

A girl and her chickens...

I feel like I talk/write a lot about Amelia and the chickens, but here I go again!:)

Two quick things that I don't want to forget. One was on Valentines Day when she brought Clementine in to " wish everyone a very happy Valentines Day!". Sam was so cute and serious snapping pictures and Jubilee just giggling away about the chicken being in the house. I also love the way Amelia holds the chickens' dirty, gross feet like she is holding the hand of a friend. Because I guess she is:)
Then today the chickens escaped- flew right over the fence! I think this sunshine is making us all feel happy and free- Amelia announced that it " is just like summer!" despite the fact that its in the upper 30's! Anyway, Joel took the kids on a search around the block, and sure enough Amelia heard one and quickly caught her and carried her home. The other one was later found in our next door neighbor's yard, safe and sound. Amelia was very relieved, though at the feed store today she was ready to replace the still missing one with a new baby chick! That's how the girl works- love em and leave em!
That's all- hopefully more soon! Jen

Friday, February 01, 2013

Week's end.

We are all pretty tired at the end of this first week home from vacation. Joel worked long hours on the work front, and the home front held three coughing, feverish children. But here we are, moving on to the weekend and hopefully a healthier week ahead!
On a happy note, we are all loving this rug I picked up at resale shop in Austin. I'd fill the house with rugs if I could. We all just gravitate to them to read, do our school lessons, to play, etc.
I guess that's all for now. Happy weekend to you, Jen