Saturday, November 03, 2012

Well hello, old friend...

It's been way too long! But today this long silence ends, because at long last (at least for the moment) my technology woes have been fixed and I now have access to a working computer and an updated phone! Ahhhh, so nice. I hardly know where to begin. I guess I'll begin with the biggest news:

 * I'm 12 weeks pregnant! Whew, it has been a doosy of a first trimester. I was so humbled by my pregnancy with Jubilee (the sickness! the extreme exhaustion! the weight gain!) and this one feels pretty similar. It feels a bit like being in a cave that I just can't seem to crawl out of. I know, I know, sounds pretty dramatic.  But I have to say, it feels pretty dramatic. On the other hand, one "side effect " that I love is how much I fall in love with our little ones during pregnancy. I don't know if it's hormones or what, but the parts of them that shine, shine all the brighter in my eyes and I find myself just telling them many, many times a day just how much I love them. I think they love me more when I'm pregnant too (well, maybe not Jubilee:). Quite possibly because my willpower is pretty weak and I allow things I normally reserve for super special occasions. So now when we are out shopping, they'll be like, "Ohhh, mom, don't those little donuts look so good? Do you want them?" haha
Of course, perspective is everything, and the main thing is to remember, What a wonder! I mean really, a fourth child. A little body/soul/spirit being knit inside of me!It is worth every minute of feeling crummy, exhausted, and overwhelmed- of course! Just hard to remember sometimes in the moment. 
A few funny/cute things I want to remember:
- Sam saying (in regards to Jubilee, but a great reminder for me): "Mom, I think it's good to have a baby around the house because they make us smile and laugh so much!"
- Amelia just being so lovey dovey and affectionate when I'm pregnant. " I just can't believe you have another baby in your tummy!" 
- Sam, about 5 minutes after finding out I was pregnant, " Mom you know what I think? I think if the mama talks to the baby a lot, the baby will love the mama the most and it will be a girl. If the daddy talks to the baby a lot the baby will love the daddy the most, and it will be a boy. So, I hope daddy talks to the baby A LOT!!" :) 
I guess I better close for now, though there is so much more to say! Here's a picture Amelia drew the day she found out the news. It's me, the kids, and our cherry tree. All for now, Jen
Oh, and here's what Joel brought home when I told him I was craving Cheerios. Smart guy.:)