Thursday, October 24, 2013

It's been a challenging week. Joel is out of town, Amelia and Ollie were sick and had ear infections, and today right as everyone was finally feeling better, Sam broke his hand!!
We went to enjoy the Fall colors with friends in Big Cottonwood Canyon and the kids had a blast. After being cooped up in the house, they were thrilled to be out in nature. At one point when climbing a rock fell on Sam's hand, and though it obviously hurt pretty bad, he seemed fine after a bit. Later in the afternoon, though, it was swollen and blue-ish and he couldn't grip anything. The twins were both over the moon excited that he might need to get a *cast*. In the end, he does. It's a small break and he's wearing a split now and a cast will happen next week. He couldn't stop smiling when the doctor told him- hehe. I was so proud of him at the office- he was so articulate and confident talking to the providers. Growing up, that little guy. 
Anyway, it's been a long day and a long week. It's 11:30pm and I have a toddler rolling around in my bed refusing to sleep - ay yay yay. It could be so much worse though, and tomorrow is a new day. Actually in about thirty minutes it will be a new day. 
What a gorgeous morning in the mountains though, it lifted my spirits and even now I can still feel the effects. I'm also so thankful for such caring friends. Bringing dinner, watching the girls  tonight, offering help of all sorts. So much to be thankful for.
  All for now, Jen

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Drive

        Gorgeous, gorgeous fall. 

Creatures of the night...

Such good, old fashioned fun at the Ogden Nature Center tonight! Poor Amelia is pretty sick and couldn't go, so the boys and I headed out with the Cox crew. 
They climbed through a huge, string web inside a yurt, played fun fall festival games, watched an owl presentation, went on a flash light hunt, learned about all sorts of creepy was so great. So thankful the weather was nice and not too, too chilly until the very end. I must say, not having a toddler there meant we could stay the whole three hours with no problem, and that was nice:) Laid back Ollie just hung out in the Beco carrier the whole time, mellow little fellow! Anyway, lots of Fall fun, and though the boys both coughed a lot (none of the kids are feeling great), I don't think it was too, too much for them. Anyway, going to go fall into bed now!:) Jen

Saturday, October 19, 2013

I never knew a baby could actually be fun to have in the kitchen...but this guy is!! :)
Ok smiley boy, let's make some muffins! 

Friday, October 11, 2013

He loves to get those feet:)

He also rolls, rolls, rolls onto his tummy and tries to scoot and then gets frustrated and fusses. It's all going so fast with this sweetie pie, pumpkin bug, cutie patootie, bubba dubba, chubba wubba (to name just a few lovey names:)! We all just adore him, and he really is the sweetest, smiliest baby ever. Jen

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Autumn craft day.

I'm not sure how many pumpkin muffins she ate today, but it was a lot!
Emily models wet felting to make felted acorns- so cute! 
Jubilee's little hands. Right before we spilled the water. Oops!

Wet on wet watercoloring to make leaves for wreaths. Such beautiful colors. I could watch children paint for hours.
Couldn't get over how creative and cute their "nature creatures" were. I mean, honestly, so great! Amelia especially loved this activity! I need to put out loose materials more and let her create- maybe that'd keep her from digging in the trash can to find materials for her trash toys. Oh my!
Anyway, what a great day enjoying crafting with friends. It's so much more enjoyable done together:)

Saturday, October 05, 2013

"What about socialization?"

                What about it?!;)