Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hello world, I'm Jubilee Rose!

I was born on September 16th and weighed a whopping 8lbs 4oz (at least I hear that is whopping compared to what my big brother and sister weighed:). I'm sorry I haven't introduced myself sooner. It's been kind of a crazy first week and a half.

See, my mama was in the middle of laboring really hard to get me out, when she developed an infection (her water had been broken for almost 24 hours) and started running a high fever and shaking and then I started having a hard time and oh, it's a long story that she will tell sometime, but I had to be born by csection. Turns out I had an infection too and needed to stay on antibiotics for a week and so we were in the hospital for 7 days. My mom and dad were really bummed, but thankful I was ok. It was a rough week. Lots of pricks and pokes. Lots of tears. Mom says their was a lot of goodness too, and she'll tell you about it later.

We are home now, though, and life is good. Well, life is good and still a little crazy. Everybody except me and mom got food poisoning the other night. Mom says there is entirely too much bodily fluid around here! Ick.
Anyway, my favorite things at this point in my life are:
1. Being close to my family.

(My brother Sam loves me too, just not quite so affectionately as Amelia yet and so mom hasn't been able to get a picture:)
2. I love to be swaddled. Thankfully my dad is a pro and mom and mammy are getting better.

3. I love to stare at faces just like all the books say, but I think I like to stare at this part of the family bed even more. I just gaze and gaze at it when I'm awake:)

4.And milk, how did I forget about milk?! I love it a lot too.

I guess that's all for now. I'm glad to be here, getting to know my family and some of you too. Thanks for your patience as we adjust to being a family of 5. Mama says it takes lots of grace with each other, that's the main thing. I guess I'll learn what she means when I get older.

Lotsa love, Jubilee

Friday, September 09, 2011

Today at my mom's group, the kids had an "apple theme" and part of it was playing with yummy, red play-doh. So, later this afternoon "Mam" (as the kids are now calling my mom:) made some fresh, orange, pumpkin spice smelling play doh with them. They played with it forever. Seriously, these kids have been playing with play-doh and little animals for over two years now and I still never tire of hearing all of their little conversations. It's the best! I captured a little on video and I'll try to upload it later.
But for now I'll just say, here's to play- doh and the hours of creative play it brings about around here. And here's to fall! We can feel it in the air. To apple picking and pumpkins and warm, rich colors and beautiful leaves. Our nature table is in transition. Already acorns have been found! Our seasonal book basket is full of books about pumpkins and apples and leaves. Have you read "The Lonely Scarecrow"? We just read it for the first time and all really love it!
Anyway, better run for now! Jen

Thursday, September 08, 2011

A little empowerment goes a long way...

I've had a few discouraging visits at my midwifery office lately:/ It has been two times, both have been with my midwife had to be out of the office. I won't go into the details, I'll just say that I left feeling more anxious about laboring and giving birth than I have ever in my pregnancy! Both times I received very unsolicited and discouraging opinions on VBACs and on unmedicated births, both of which I am planning and and very much hoping for. From midwives! I left speechless both times. Well, not really. I had plenty to say when I called my "support crew" of friends and family who I know are cheering me on and believe an unmedicated VBAC is very possible, even in a hospital setting. Anyway, another place I ran was to Ina May. Oh, that midwife! So full of calm and wisdom and encouragement. Please, if you know someone that is fearful and anxious about their birth, send them some encouragement in the form of Ina May's books!

I am aware that birth, just like anything in life, can quickly go in directions you were not hoping or planning towards. I mean, my last birth was an urgent csection at 29 weeks gestation for goodness sake! However, I have also learned that if you go into a situation like labor or breastfeeding sort of/kind of hoping for a certain outcome, you probably aren't going to get it. If I would have gone into breastfeeding twins listening to all of the nurses and doctors who were like, "You can try breastfeeding twins, but don't feel bad if you need to supplement. Don't feel bad if you feel the need to switch to formula, etc." No, I blocked them out completely!! I listened to those who were empowering my choice and desire to breastfeed twins, believing in me, cheering me on, etc.
Same with labor! Of course, if something goes awry and it is truly necessary for medical intervention, I am a very level headed mama and will act accordingly. However, if I come to you saying I desire an unmedicated birth, why start discouraging me about it when labor hasn't even begun? Ugg, so frustrating!
Anyway, I spent my afternoon rest time watching Ina May videos on You Tube and feel much encouraged. That birth is a sacred experience. That it matters how babies come into this world. That our bodies are indeed made for it. That birthing pain is purposeful. On and on. Here are two of the videos if you are interested...thanks for listening to this little rant:) Jen

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Looking forward, looking back: Mothering an infant (or two).

As we get closer and closer to baby being here with us (5 days until due date:), the reality of having another little being in our home and family is settling in a bit more. A BABY! To love and care for and feed and bathe and diaper and rock and sling and hold and pat to sleep and feed, and diaper...oh goodness!:)

As I look back to when Sam and Amelia were infants, things are a bit hazy! Here is the gist what I think of when I think of them (post NICU, I don't really feel like I started mothering until they came home) as teeny babes. I think of being together. Always. I had little stations around the house and we would move from station to station throughout the day. Their nursery for diaper changes and time on the floor and nursing, a quilt on the living room floor for a change of scenery, outside in the back yard on a quilt for another change of scenery, in their moses basket on the front porch swing, in the kitchen in their moses basket while I cleaned, made food, what have you, our bed for sleep. The reason we were together. Always. was because there was almost never a time when someone didn't need to eat, be changed, be held, etc. and so I found it easier and less frustrating for all if we just stayed together. If I tried to "do" much of anything else, thing just seemed to fall apart. Having "just" the two of them meant I could do that. There were no other little ones needing my attention, etc. We also lived in a neighborhood where we could walk everywhere and I feel like we did. To the grocery store, the library, the bakery (ahem), the parks, to get take out, etc. I love those memories.
This time around will be different, obviously. I will have two four year olds as well as an infant and in some ways that will be trickier. We live in a neighborhood where there are no real "destination walks" for one thing. I will have an infant in winter, for another. Still, nursing *one* infant and getting *one* infant to sleep will surely be easier, right?! :) Though, on the sleep note, I have been thinking about how I almost *never* woke them up from naps, skipped naps, etc. when they were babes. Though I am in no way a strict scheduler, from about 6 months on they have always been on the same sleep routine (thanks to Sammy's ability to go to sleep even if he wasn't as sleepy). With a third, I know there will be times when she'll have to wake up in order to be on the move with us and I really can't imagine that yet! :)
All in all though, I know we'll be ok. Thankfully, I now have some idea what I'm doing with an infant and not much has changed as far as my "mothering philosophy" of responsive or attachment parenting. Feed the baby when she's hungry, let her sleep when she is tired, respond to her cries (yes, even in the middle of the night:), wear her close as much as possible, etc, etc. See, so simple! Hee hee. Though it is exhausting work, there is no work I would rather do in the world than nurturing babies. Seriously! It's how God designed me I guess and I'm thankful to Him for giving me the privilege. And yes, you can remind me of this when you see me haggardly walking out to the minivan (more on that soon!) with my three little loves, with bags under my eyes and a squalling babe in arms.
Ready or not, she is coming soon and another season of our life will begin! Here are a few pictures of our little punkins four years ago!

All for now,