Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sammy's treasures.

I was tidying up the upstairs, and when I saw this little display of treasures on Sam's bedside table I had to capture it. It's just so him. :)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

In a friend's mountain cabin this weekend with Joel and Jubilee, celebrating our 13th anniversary! The fresh air, the amazing view, birds and deer, a moose and rabbits...such a great place to rest and reconnect, and just drink this beauty in. Happy Anniversary to my love. I hope we just keep growing in grace towards each other year after year,

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mama's Day.

French toast, new bird feeders and bird houses ( does he know me or what?:), hand made cards, planters filled with herbs and flowers, watching Sense and Sensibility in the middle of the day, back yard picnic...yes, Joel goes all out on Mothers Day. Every year. It makes me feel so special and loved.
Watching the kids make " mud cakes for Mother's Day" in their sand box this morning, I just felt a surge of thankfulness. For them, for being their mama, for the gift of motherhood. It's so easy to think of the little daily failures- a lost temper, a cluttered room, laundry undone, words unsaid...but as I watched them play and reflected on our days and Joel and I talked about how BIG they are getting I just thought, " Don't waste your moments being overwhelmed by the failures Jen, celebrate the daily beauty. It's flying by."
Thank you Joel for supporting my dream of spending my days with our children- thank you for finding worth in that and for encouraging me in it. It's a gift and I know that.
There isn't a Mother's Day that goes by where my heart doesn't ache for those in the throes of infertility,miscarriages, of expectations having to change, of adoption challenges and seemingly impossible waits...I have felt some of that deep down pain, and I can only translate receiving these gifts into thankfulness. Daily, is my hope. And oh how I hope for others who long for children to be given the gift of motherhood, and for the thousands of children waiting, to be given the gift of being mothered.
All for now,

Friday, May 11, 2012

He drew this for Amelia and said, " I wanted to draw a big heart so she'd know how much I love her." :)

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Ok sun, work your magic!:) I love when I manage to get all the diapers out on the line when it's sunshiny! They were in real need of a natural bleach treatment, so today felt extra good to get them out.
Right now Jubilee and I are sitting in the shade next to the beautiful tulip garden Joel planted- I'm always so shocked when plants and vegetables actually grow- so wonderful! Anyway, something was knocking into the fence beside me and I couldn't figure out what it could be since our neighbors just have teeny dogs and chickens. I guess not any more- it's a goat! Well, we will certainly have to go visit that little cutie! This neighborhood is always surprising us. Just yesterday I was feeling a little discontent, missing our old house where we could walk everywhere. When I told Joel how o was feeling, he said he feels like our home now is a retreat for him-away from the busyness and commercialism of our other neighborhood. I like that.
Guess that's all for now. I have a little Jubilee pulling up on me- she's pulling up on everything!
All for now, Jen