Friday, July 30, 2010

Just having a little picnik fun this Friday evening... :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nature study: Snails plus children equals love.

Oh my, this afternoon was the greatest. We had a fun play session with friends in our "new" playroom I set up in our (unfinished) basement (more on that soon). Then I took the babes for a trip to the pet store because we missed a reptile show at the library due to long naps. We used to frequent the pet store and the nature area next to it frequently when we lived in our old neighborhood but haven't been back in a while. Sam was running around the store everywhere saying, "Look Mama!! Fish! Frogs! A sea turtle! Hamsters! Look! They are so cute!" It was awesome. Then we went for a walk down to the water in "Hidden Hollow" next to it, and that's where the real fun began! Literally, snails were everywhere. Sam went into his zen nature mode and held handfuls of snails for the longest time. Amelia was hysterical and kept exclaiming, "They like me, they like me!" I think she must have heard me telling Sam how much snails like him. They always come out of their shells when he picks them up, like they know he is a gentle soul. On the other hand, they usually stay deep inside when Amelia is holding them, which is probably a very good thing! Today though, several of hers came out and she is much improved in her gentleness from when they would play with them in our old backyard. Anyway, they were just so fun and in their element down there by the stream.

I love, love, love watching my children play and especially when they are playing in nature. They are there truest, purest selves when we are there it seems, and it is just a joy to watch.
That's all for now,

Saturday, July 24, 2010

A breath of fresh air...

Mountain air that is:) We are up at our friends cabin again--just for a night, but oh is it wonderful. On the drive up I always feel like bursting out with, "The hills are alive with the sound of muuuuusic!" That's how I feel inside. Yes, these days the song would sometimes be sung over whining, weepy voices in the back seat...but that's okay. All the whininess and overtired weepiness falls away when I see my little guy fishing for the first time or saying, "I'm hikin Mama, do you want to come with me? Be careful not to get a boo boo! Watch out for these stickers! Listen to the noises. Watch for animals. What was that?!" I tell you, that little boy just melts my heart when he is in nature...he is at his best for sure. Kinda like his daddy I guess:) As we were driving through the mountains Sammy said, "Aren't these mountains beautiful daddy? They are magic." We just wanted to gobble him up.

Anyway, I'm so thankful for this little getaway. I think it inspires us all.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Story time: Part two.

So, we arrived in Austin and proceeded straight to a favorite BBQ place in New Braunfels, Rudy's. Mmmmmmmmmmm. We took and home to Bub and Robin's house and finally laid eyes on the reason for our trip--Lucy Faye! Oh my. I can't even describe the joy of meeting this little niece of mine and in seeing my brother and my sis-in-luv as parents. A privilege; that's what it was to see this new little family bonding and loving each other. They are a family that loves each other well.
We also got to see my little brother and Tara and my other cute as a button niece, Echo. My heart just swells watching the three older cousins playing with each other, giving spontaneous hugs, having such precious conversations and just looking plain adorable together.

All for now...more sweet memories soon! Jen

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Story time...

So, we are back from our two week trip to Texas. It is always a whirlwind trip and I long for the day when spending time with family is not logistically and emotionally exhausting ( for example, wanting children to be at their best during limited time with family and that usually not happening--it's stressful for all). Anyway, even though it is tiring it is also wonderful and there were lots and lots of sweet moments that I want to remember.

First off, the trip there. My mom was with us so it was easy peasy for the most part, though we did have a crazy delay in the air at the end of our second flight and then we landed to find that poor Robin was at the San Antonio airport to pick us up and we were in Austin! The babes were troopers, though, and those little glitches were soon forgotten.

My favorite memory of the trip down was this. When we walked onto the plane, Sammy turned left towards the cockpit instead of right. The co-pilot (?) was sitting in his chair and invited Sam to come into the cockpit with him! Sammy hopped right into the captain's seat at his invitation and was able to push buttons, pull levers, etc. I don't think he knew quite what was going on, but he liked it! When he was done I lifted him down to the floor and handed him his blankey and headed back to our seat. Then, oh then, Sam started to march. Standing tall and proud and holding his silky blanket, he marched all the way to the back of the plane. I have never ever seen him spontaneously march and I almost cried it was so cute. Oh Sam, I want to remember that moment forever.

More stories to come! Jen