Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sister to Brother: An interview

Bub. Compassionate, thoughtful, affectionate, protective big brother of mine. He was my fierce protector during our public school years, he was my buddy (most of the time:) during our high school years, he was and is my quiet cheerleader throughout my married years. I am thankful for my big brother. I think after reading his words you will see why....

Siblings: An interview: Number 4 (If you missed the other siblings click here for Tara's interview, here for Robin's and here for John Mike's.

JENNY: What is one thing that you love about your life
right now? Please be specific.

Bub: One thing I love right now is getting to see how my siblings care for their children. From Jenny's unending patience and hard work taking care of twins, to Johnny Mike's amazing work ethic and creativity preparing for little Echo. I truly believe those two will have the most gifted children in the world. Being the oldest, I feel like this is my chance to take from their experiences, like I truly hope they have been able to take from mine in the past.

JENNY: Tell me about a vivid childhood memory

Bub: One that I haven't thought about in a while is going to Mrs. Smith's beauty shop at her house to get Grandma's hair done. The smell of the permenent solution(sp), and being able to move up and down on the old barber chair, all the dogs barking when you drove up, getting cookies out of her cookie jar, and her playing the old organ. She always made Grandma feel like a queen.

JENNY: What is one way you fit creativity into your

Bub: I try to be creative in the way I use my time the most. When I'm on the road, I try to see deeper into a town or city than just the surface stuff. It's fun to get off the beaten path and find the really quirky shops( My favorite thing to do is shop for Robin, but she has to tell me not to sometimes), and people that make the city different than any other. It's hard to expain, except that it is really easy to isolate yourself every day on the road, ie: stay on the bus, eat at the same places, etc... So, I try to use my time creatively to search out the uniqueness of each place I am, on the road, and at home.

JENNY: One thing you have learned this past year?

Bub: Raking leaves is not something I would want to do as a living.

JENNY: One way you hope to make this world a better

Bub: Oh, this world doesn't need any help does it? I've tried real hard recently to see the good in every situation, instead of looking for the bad. Sometimes it's not there, and you move on, so in saying that, I'm trying to have a positive attitude in every situation, and hope that rubs off. Unless you mess with my family or friends, and than I will hunt you down to the ends of the Earth and....I know Granny will probably read this, so I'll stop there.

JENNY: One thing you love about your

Bub: Only one huh....Thank God she's good with taxes! OK, I'll do another, She keeps a very clean house, couldnt resist. I love the amazing ability Robin has with kids, she's every kids best friend. It's one area where her patience truly shines through. Amen.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Change of scenery...

Part of the fun of traveling to a new place is getting a change of scenery. That may sound obvious, but the babes have had so much fun exploring all the newness of the homes we stay in, the people we meet, and of course the toys they play with...
They want to say "Thanks Hudson for letting us borrow your swing and playmat...we think they're great!"

Amelia says "Thanks Dude the Dog for being so patient with me. I just love to touch your soft fur!"

"Thanks Echo for letting us open and use your toys before you get here to play with them yourself!"

"Thanks to our daddy for bringing this new, mega fun toy." They cracked us up sitting so still and serious in there little, cozy seats.

Of course, we always have our feet and each other to play with too!

We are all loving this stage of babyness. New changes every day. Lots more to say, but internet time is limited these days. Hopefully soon I can spend a few nice,long hours catching you up on pics (we have hundreds!) and such. Hope you are all doing well. Love to you, Jen

Aunts and Uncles.

I hope you have/had great uncles growing up. I did.
My dad's brother was Uncle Rusty. Rusty was kind, compassionate, gentle, a conservationist and oh how he loved his niece and nephews greatly. We always had shirts from Alculpoco and other exotic places from his travels and I always felt so special wearing them. Rusty left this world way too early, I would have loved to have known him longer and to have known him deeper.
My mom's brother was Uncle Joe. I didn't get to spend a lot of time with him because he lived in Guatemala on and off while I was growing up. He had struggles in this life, but there was quite a soul inside of that can tell it just from his pictures. You can tell it from the things he left behind. I remember when we would visit my grandma's house i would sneak into his room where he stayed when he was in the states and look at all of the interestingness that he had--masks and rocks and cool glass bottles--we even found a real, live eye ball in a medicine bottle one time(long story)! Anyway, I feel like I get to know him even though he isn't here because those who knew him best say that my Bub has so many of his characteristics and mannerisms. I asked him how he would describe Uncle Joe since my memories are fuzzy and he didn't hesitate as he said, "An adventurer. Counter culture. Someone who acted on what he believed." Again, I wish there would have been more time to know him, to understand him, to see his heart.
My Uncle Mike wasn't "really" an Uncle--and yet he very much was. Talk about adventurous! He was mystery and rugged and loved us to pieces.
I only had one Aunt, my Aunt Susan. Thankfully she has been around for me to get to know as I have grown and I have loved getting to know her as an adult. She is such a hard worker, loves her family, and is already such a loving great aunt to Sam and Amelia.

My point in sharing all of this with you is that I have been watching the babes with their Aunts and Uncles and love thinking about what an impact each will make on their lives--so uniquely. I am so excited for these little ones to have such a creative, loving group of our brothers and sisters to love them, teach them, help them grow and help them feel loved.

All for now, Jen

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Truly we are....


Happy Thanksgiving from Joel,Jenny, Sam and Amelia

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sling babies...

Fussy hour is much easier to deal with when both babes can be worn....oh so lovely.

Mac baby...

While Sammy slept ,Amelia got to play with mama and Uncle John Mike on their Macs. She wasn't that impressed:) I have so many thoughts about this visit, so much I want to is too much. I can't decide which pictures, which stories, so some days I'll just put random things like this. Little snippits.

Monday, November 19, 2007

There isn't much sweeter....

...than seeing your babes meet family for the first time.

Friday, November 16, 2007

"We are beginning our initial descent into Houston..."

When I heard those words I knew that the babes first flight was almost over and was going to go down in our history books as a success! It went great. I had Sam on my lap and Amelia was beside us in her car seat. Sam was SO curious about everything(especially the fasten seat belt light) and just looked around and smiled at everyone. Amelia played with toys and spit bubbles and looked at her feet a lot. She cried for about 5 minutes mid flight when she was trying not to go to sleep, but thankfully I had a little bit of milk left in her bottle and that did the trick. I am just SO thankful!

We are here at their grandma and grandpa Hunt's now surrounded by love,love,love. Their Aunt Shanyn spent the night with us and today they get to meet their great granny and papa (my grandparents)! Tomorrow they have a big day as they meet their Aunt Tara and Uncle John Mike and their Papa Joel and see their grammy and Uncle Bub and Aunt Robin! Lots of pictures are sure to follow.

Joel should arrive from his road trip on Sunday, which is good because our little family is so incomplete without him.

Okay, must go for now. Thanks for all of your prayers for our travel! Jen

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hi, my name is Jenny and I am a babywearing addict....

How else can I explain having this many carriers (and three more loaned out!)?

Ah well, you see how it could be addicting when the end result is this, couldn't you?

What? I don't need ten slings to accomplish this? I'm sorry...I can't hear you. Back to packing, Jen

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Oh and...

Would you like to read a more, um, rational post about love of wooden toys than the one I wrote about getting all hot and sweaty over a Haba display?
Go visit soulemama and read her post titled, " Acorns are fun" . I know you will all fall in love with her blog and never want to leave, but do come back and visit sometimes okay? :)

ps. Can you tell I am procrastinating? Packing or blogging while the babes sleep? Hmmm....

Remember that big, mean Polynesian I was telling you about?

Well, he actually came over on Sunday after I wrote that post and let me tell you, he is terrifying!
Don't let these pictures fool you...

Yes, he may adore babies and may have held one in his arms the entire two hours he was here and
Yes, he may have baked these delicious rolls from SCRATCH for us to devour...

But, still. Don't mess with him people. Woe is the man or woman who tries to mess with this house while we are gone!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

The napping house....

That is what it feels like right now as I sit here alone in the living room. Joel and the babes are sleeping in the bedroom and the house feels peaceful and still. In the living room the XM radio is playing folk music and outside I can hear Willow meowing for her breakfast, the hum of the dryer is rising up from the basement, my heart feels quiet for the first time in days.

I haven't written in a few days because we are preparing for our big trip to Texas. Honestly, it has mostly been me getting my emotions in check after panicking because the babes may not get their RSV shot before we come(it isn't technically RSV season in Utah yet and the insurance companies are not likely to okay the expensive shots until the season has begun) which means even more caution and isolation while in TX. For the first time I had visions of them getting really sick and I just went into mama bear mode and was ready to call the whole trip off! Thankfully, I talked to a very level headed pediatrician on Friday who validated my feelings and yet made me see that staying home from the trip and hiding under the bed isn't the answer. Going ahead with our plan to be oh, so cautious by limiting contact with others, washing hands like crazy, not allowing them to be around children or anyone with cold symptoms and not going out in public with them is. So, onward we go.

Does this all sound a bit over the top? It's just that when your babes start out life like this....

I think it makes you realize how fragile life really is and sometimes that can turn to fear. It is just a reality of parenting former preemies, and a reality of parenting period I'm sure. So, my heart has been heavy and scared. Mom said she could hear it in my voice. The talk with the pediatrician helped, though. Singing "He's got the whole world in His hands"with the babes and really, really internalizing that Truth helped. The thought of being with our families and knowing that it will be a balm to our souls , and theirs,helped.

And so here I sit this morning, feeling stronger and excited as I start to pack and prepare for the big trip. We will be gone for about six weeks(!) and I obviously won't be posting as often, though I do plan to post when I can. (If some stranger from SLC is reading this somehow has figured out where we live and plan to pull a fast one while we are gone...beware! We are going to have a very,very BIG polynesian staying here and you do not want to mess with him! I'm not kidding. )

Anyway, just wanted to let you know what's been going on. Oh, and you know how when you hurt your thumb and it makes you take your mind off of your headache(isn't there a saying like that?!)? That has been RSV for me. I haven't even stressed about that I am going to be flying BY MYSELF with two babies in a few days! Probably better that way:)

Leaving you today feeling thankful once again that we have a healthy baby girl that looks like this now when she sleeps and our lovey, snuggly Sam...

All for now, Jen

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Sister to Sister: An interview

I remember when John Mike first reconnected with Tara after high school. He was living with us at the time in San Marcos and she had just moved to Austin I think and they met for coffee. I remember he was so enthralled by her. "I've never met anyone like her Jenny. She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, and she is so creative......"

Indeed she is ,Johnny Mike. She is creative, into all things natural, sensitive, a healthy food lover, passionate, a learner,and now one of my closest friends. I'm so glad you brought her into our life and into our family. I love talking "mama talk" with you Tara and I know that will continue throughout the years as our babies grow and we grow with them.

Here for you, loyal readers, is a glimpse into the heart of Tara Shay Schoepf...soon to be mama of baby Echo...

Siblings: An interview: Number 3

Jenny: What is one thing that you love about your life
right now? Please be specific.

Tara: Truly observing the seasons change...
It has been as if i were peering out my personal
window, awaiting my new life. The anticipation that
has come with these life changes, it is all bundled up
inside of me. ah, to say the least of my little joy.

Jenny: Tell me about a vivid childhood memory.

Tara: So often now, i am calling on memories just
moments before I felt I fell into womanhood. It was
fall, and this season makes me think of my own
imagination. And the first season to drive my first
car, a classic. I felt so intimate within myself
there inside, being in control. This was when I first
fell in love with the reality of steering your own
destiny. We could have been anyone we wanted...

Jenny: What is one way you fit creativity into your

Tara: I think about creativity always. Inside every
moment I look at the creative side first...
But particularly at this time I am attempting small
drawings and hand sewing stuffed toys. Art for others
makes me zestful for life, and this also applies to
cooking as best as i can for my sensitive husband...

Jenny : One way you hope to make this world a better

Tara:Live by my convictions.
Everyday, no matter how small. Someone always feels
your actions close to their heart.

Jenny :One thing you love about your husband….details.

Tara: His balancing effect.
How he pierces through all things very organically,
and so true.
From the first moments i felt our love around me, it
spoke to me like the wind calling. Like the first day
you hear the Holy Spirit calling out for you to listen
and be still. I have seen in color ever since that time...

Don't you just love her?! Thanks Tara for playing along. We love you!! Up next is my big brother "bub". I have to say, his made me shed a few tears, so you may want to have your hankies handy. Jen

Monday, November 05, 2007

Haba toys: apparently they completely unnerve me....

Are you a Haba toy fan? If not, you must have not been introduced to them for to know them is to love them ( in my opinion). They are mostly wooden toys made in Germany. They do not have lead in them. There has never been a Haba toy recall. They do cost more but they will last for child after child and are safe for little mouths. They are not a toy you will find at Target or Babies R Us as they aren't interested in mass markets. You usually find them at small toy stores or natural toy catalogs or, in my case, salivate over them at online stores like
So, you can imagine my surprise when I walked into a toy store the other day to look for a shower gift and I was face to face with a HUGE Haba display with a large amount of the toys I have coveted for so long.

I hate to admit it, but it threw me for a loop. I'm just not used to being so tempted by baby items. Usually I am saying in my mind, "Too bright, too noisy, too busy, too commercial," when I am in the baby section of the big,big stores. I spend lots of time trying to find something I like for the babes, verses trying not to buy too much. Suddenly, that was not the case. At all. I slowly circled the display looking at each of the toys and then circled it once more. I picked up a few boxes imagining how the babes might like it, if they already had something too similar, if I should just throw the toy and run out the door before the situation got out of hand. Alas, I couldn't tear myself away. Suddenly, I started getting hot. "Is it warm in here?" I asked myself, but I was too distracted even to take off my sweater. The owner of the shop came over and made the situation even worse. He was an older man, wearing an apron and he had a twinkle in his eye. A twinkle I tell you! Furthermore, he had been to the Haba factory in Germany and proceeded to tell me many more wonderful things about the company. He finally walked away and I gathered my wits about me, wiped my sweaty brow, and made myself focus on a shower gift for my friend. Then I said, "One thing Jenny. You can get one thing for the babes." You can imagine how long that took me. A very long time. They already have several of the clutching Haba toys,etc. etc.

Can you believe that the item I chose wasn't even Haba? It was Kathe Kruse, who is equally wonderful, but still! That is how much the whole situation made me feel off kilter, silly as it sounds:) If the store would have had slings and cloth diapers I may have gone into shock or something!

We all have our materialistic hangups right? Right? Well, I came face to face with mine and though I didn't necessarily fail in terms of the amount of money I spent, getting literally hot and unnerved over wooden toys is a bit disturbing in itself and something I may need to spend a little time thinking about.

Ah well, onward we go. Here is a new picture of Sammy from this morning. Hands are so yesterday for him.....feet are the new rage! Amelia is catching on as well and I'm sure she'll be feet crazy in no time. Playing with your feet , blowing spit bubbles and one Kathy Kruse rainbow doll....they are what's new in the Hunt household this week! Jen

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Bye bye bakery....

With sadness, dear bakery, I must say goodbye to our daily visits for now. I know you must be asking yourself, "WHY? Why must you leave me so suddenly and without warning?!" Well, there are multiple reasons. One is that the wee babes are growing up, and growing up means that they need a little more of a routine during the day. They used to take good naps when they were in your company but now they want to stay awake and look at the fans and the lights and all of the folks coming and going.

Oh, and about all of the folks coming and going. That's a problem too. The dreaded RSV season is upon us and we must be more careful about being out and about. I know you won't be lonely as it is getting cold outside and more and more people are coming in to drink your warm hot chocolate and tomato soup...mmmm. Believe me, this is hurting me more than it is hurting you.

As we say goodbye to the bakery (sniff, sniff) we are really also saying goodbye to a whole little "era" in the babes life. The life of hours on the front porch in the moses basket and in the back yard on blankets. We are transitioning to naps in bed at more consistent times as they are getting older. It is nice, of course, to have a few hours to myself during the day and yet I loved our days of doing whatever we wanted when we wanted. To everything there is a season, right? So, goodbye season of "Morning Muffins", thank you for all of the mornings of indulgence. Hello......Late Afternoon Lucky Charms? Sadly, that is not a random statement:)

Just for fun, here is a picture for ya...

Love that. Jen

Thursday, November 01, 2007


What to do with babes who have outgrown their moses basket?

A little video for you...
View this montage created at One True Media
Laundry basket fun....