Friday, September 28, 2012

A bit more on our school days...

So, I feel like we are relaxing into our homeschool rhythm a little more lately. For me that means realizing it's not going to always be the organized, 9-11am schedule I was planning on, but more of a fluid day with learning weaved in throughout. With a one year old and a babe on the way (yep!), that's just going to be the way it often is. And that's ok.
We are using a couple of curriculums to help structure the weekly themes we use. One is " My Father's World" and the other is Wee Folk Art's free seasonal curriculum. More on this later.
I just wanted to record our work for this week- to remember what we did while learning about and celebrating leaves!
We went and gathered leaves in the beautiful mountains. Oh my, those changing leaves are just gorgeous!
When we came home Joel helped them dry some of their leaves and the next day we made leaf crowns. Well, Sam did, Amelia was busy with some other project ( typical:). During the rest of the week we made "leaf people", talked about " living and growing in Jesus", read a Read and Find out book about why leaves change and favorite books about Fall ( "Woody, Hazel, Little Pip" and others), went to the farm with friends, colored leaves in patterns for math, worked on writing L's ( though they are SO not into worksheets or writing letters in a row), listened to Sparkle stories about Fall adventures, and just enjoyed the beautiful weather.
Sounds like a lot, doesn't it? Sure didn't feel like it, especially not while feeling so very tired during large portions of our days this week. Ah, but that's the value in recording things, isn't it? Helps me realize the beauty that happened during our days when all I can dwell on is the resistance towards learning letters and how tired I was.:) Ah, these homeschooling days. They are challenging and lovely, just like the rest of life.
All for now!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Truly, our Jubilee.

Dear Jubilee,
What a wonder that you are turning ONE tomorrow! In so many ways it seems like yesterday that we found out you were growing in my tummy- the biggest surprise of our life!! It was with such joy that we received that news, that when we thought of the name Jubilee, it seemed to be a great fit. Your life is indeed celebrated, and I hope that is something you will always know deep in your heart.
Jubilee, at one year old you are:
*Adventurous: you climb everything and explore everywhere! I mean, seriously, it's pretty amazing. And exhausting:)
*Curious: Sam always comments about what a curious baby you are and how interested you are in everything. He's so right!
*A lover of animals: oh my, you get SO excited when you see mama kitty or our guinea pig Murphey. Also, dogs when we are on walks or fish in aquariums- you love them all. One funny ( and great) thing is that usually you get SO excited and get right up to them and act like you are going to touch them, but then don't. They probably lead much happier lives because of that:)
* Busy as a bee. Always on the move. Not a big snuggler. Definitely like taking things out of containers, putting them back in, etc., opening cabinets and drawers, climbing everything possible, finding open baby gates and crawling up and down stairs...
* A people person. You love catching people's eye in stores and giving them your biggest smile, playing peek a boo, etc. You love when little friends your size, like our neighbor Jack, come over and play. You especially love and are very attached to mama, but are starting to be a big fan of Daddy too:)
* Have a pretty darn happy disposition! Despite having lots of irritating pain in your first year ( ear infections,bad eczema, super painful teething, etc.), you usually have a smile on your face that lights up a room. You are such a trooper- doing Amazingly well on two very long road trips in your first year!
* Have a very set rhythm to your days. You like to nap at 9 and 2-3. You like to nap in your bed. Not ours. Not the stroller. Not the sling. This is wildly different from the twins- but, of course, you are your own little person and so I'm following your lead, little Missy!
* Have many nicknames. Jubes, Jubles, Jubers, Boo boo, punkin, punkin bug, boo bear, Dan and Anne. The last two are all Sam.:)
* Are very loved by your siblings. Though they do their own thing most of the time, they love you to pieces and Sam asks me all the time, " Why is Jubilee SO cute?!":)
* Are back to sleeping all night during this break from teething. Basically you slept through the night from birth to 4 months (!!!), then definitely did not from 4months-8 months, then were sporadic until about a month ago. Whew. What a gift for me to be sleeping!
* Are transitioning from your bear crawl ( you rarely crawled with your knees touching the ground) to walking. You took about 10 steps to me this morning!!
* Bring such joy to our life. I mean really, Jubilee Rose, we could just eat you up. That little button nose, big smile, little voice that says " Uh oh", Mamamamama, Meh ( more or give me!), dadada, ohhhh ( when you see your baby doll or cat or something else exciting)....the cutest wave you ever saw, the way you point at are just precious and what a privilege it is to have you in our family!
All my love on this very special first birthday,
P.S. Still only have access to phone pics, which is probably good, because how could I choose from pictures from the whole first year?!:)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

And still they play, for most of their day...

I am itching to share about our first two weeks of homeschooling! Haven't found the time/energy yet, but soon I hope! For now, I'll just say that it's 8:15pm and the kids are deeply engrossed in play, and though that's a bit late for us, it's so nice to be able to let it go. Let them play. There is no reason they can't sleep a little later in the morning, nothing to rush off to...
They are five. They need lots and lots of time for unstructured, free play. It's one of the main reasons I'm thankful for the opportunity to do our learning at home this year.
More soon,