Saturday, January 25, 2014

Operation declutter!

Room by room we are going to take everything out and only put back in what is useful, beautiful, and/or very meaningful! It will be slow going, only one room a weekend, but we are SO ready to simplify this house in a big way! Man, I'm so tired of feeling like my days are spent managing *stuff*. So, anyway, today we started with the kitchen. It seemed like the easiest place to start since I'm not very attached to kitchen items (ahem). Here are the helpers. Doesn't Amelia look thrilled? Hehe
The helpers were rewarded with an afternoon play time with buddies and popcorn and a movie tonight:) Cheer up, Amelia, it's not so bad! 
That's all for now folks:) 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

I have approximately 1.5 million things I want to write about, but I'm just.too.tired. 
I do, however have the energy to say that I want to remember that at age 6.5, Sam still says "soup case" for suitcase and Amelia just said that Sam is asleep on the " crouton". Surely by now she knows it's called a futon? Oh goodness, it's so funny that I don't care:) Also cute is the fact that for all her two year old stubbornness, limit testing, and general feistiness, Jubilee is the most thankful child I've ever met. I mean, give that girl some milk, open a package for her, serve her a sandwich, zip up her jacket, and I get the most genuine " thank you mom! Thank you!" And I tell ya, it melts my heart. Mmm, love that sweet one. Love them all- even after days like today, when I'm so tired I just want to sleep for five years (I get a bit dramatic when I'm tired). 
That's all folks. Hopefully more soon!! Jen

Thursday, January 09, 2014

I grew up on 160 acres in Hockley, a teeny tiny rural community about an hour outside of Houston. Our family was whole and we children were very loved Our life in the country was simple and fun. Things weren't perfect of course, but boy it made for a sweet and solid childhood. I guess that's why I love it so much there. Why it feels like that land is as much a part of me as anything. 
Yesterday I got to go back there with the kids. Again, not perfect ( picture us running freely through the fields reliving my childhood and one child trips over another and screams that they did it on purpose, etc:), but oh it was special to me. Our neighbors from across the street (and pasture) bought the house I grew up in and they met us there and let me walk through it. It was really so neat to see them too. They have known me since I was one. Richard said, " I knew you'd be back one day. I really did." I wanted to say I'd be pitching a tent if I had to to live there forevermore. A bit dramatic, I know.  Shanyn was there with us and knew how much it meant for me and she surprised me with a little grapevine wreath made from the grapevines in the front yard. I will treasure it! 
Afterwards we went to our dear friends the Cutaias right up the road. They are good friends with both of our families, watched us grow up,sang at our wedding ( oh how i love their voices!!), and now it is just amazing to get to see them love on the littles. Diane let them lead around her beautiful horses and feed them carrots and Jimmy patiently showed them how to put bait on a fishing rod and they looooved getting to cast it into their pond over and over. She sent us home with a huge pot of delicious soup and a full heart.
Feeling thankful for days full of family, and rich experiences. Even though trips like this often overwhelm me with the logistics and energy it takes to travel with young children, it really is so worth it. Much more to share, but I'm snuggled up to Ollie to take a much needed nap. I hear my mama playing beauty salon while she washes Amelia's hair in the sink...all is well.

Saturday, January 04, 2014

There's nothing quite like being with a friend who has known you your whole life. Two days in a row I got that treat. I can't believe I didn't take any pictures of my visit with Anna (I blame it on having a very, very fussy toddler distracting me), but she sent me this one of our youngest babes:) The big kids loved playing with Ellie (9) out in their big yard with chickens and bunnies and a fort in the woods...right up their alley! Despite Jubilee being a tired mess, I loved getting to visit with Anna and sweet John (14). 
The next day it was out to visit with Kristi, who happened to be in town from Canada! Hurray! Honestly, it's so surreal and special seeing our kiddos together. I especially couldn't get enough of Jubilee and Ellie. Twins!:) 
Amelia (6), jubilee (2), Hudson (6), Abigail (4), Ollie (7 months), Ellie (2), Sam (6). 
Look at all of those kiddos! Love it. And I love these forever friendships and am so very thankful for them. Jen

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

As close as it gets...

Joel is watching a football game while snuggled with a sleeping jubilee in the crook of his arm. I'm reading a book with a sleeping Oliver snuggled in under the covers with me. This is as close to vacation as it gets for parents of babies:) I'll take it! Jen