Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cookies with Grandma....

High on Amelia's list of things to do with her gma and gpa Hunt when they next visited was to make chocolate chip cookies:) So they are finally here! The daily countdown has ended and the fun has begun. And, at long last, cookies were made and greatly enjoyed by all.

So thankful for in laws that I love dearly and that the kids just adore! Jen

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"TV is relaxing..."

This post from Teacher Tom (one of my favorite blogs ever) is such a good reminder for me. Not just for the kids sake, but for MY SAKE.

Just thought I'd pass it along:) Jen

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Making ordinary days special...

The other day my mom decided to do a "fairy breakfast" for Sam and Amelia. For no reason at all. It's these types of things that made me feel special growing up. I think it helped me know that mom not only loved us, but she liked being a mama. It brought her joy, it was fun, there were a million ways she could use her creativity. Of course, I couldn't vocalize this as a child, but I think I internalized it for sure.

Her special fairy breakfast of green smoothies and monkey bread with little homemade wands didn't cost anything (or much) but it was beautiful and thoughtful and no doubt full of love. And I know Sam and Amelia felt that. Kids need to know they are valued. How could Sam and Amelia walk out on the porch and look down at that table set so beautifully, just for them, and not feel valued? Oh, they did. You could see it in the light in their eyes.
Not by being showered with stuff (as Joel often reminds me), or by being taken to event after event, but by us enjoying them and finding ways to enjoy our days with them. They know. They sense our contentment or our restlessness. The other night Joel was camping with the kids and in the middle of the night Sam woke him up and said, "Dad? I really love you." and then went back to sleep. Sam feels so loved when Joel spends that time with them and him feeling loved often shows itself by him telling us he loves us. That he did it in the middle of the night is just so precious though, and another plug for co-sleeping (hee hee).
I knew, without a shadow of a doubt I knew, that my mom loved being with her children and loves it still. That's an enormous gift she gave to us. And that's why I want to strive to have a home where love is evident and intentional and poured out daily. So many days I feel like I fail at this. Mom helps me see though, that it can happen in little ways and big. I love that.

Here's to mamas and dads, not perfect and not pretending that parenting is easy or always a barrel of laughs, but finding moments in our days to let our children know they are cherished and that we are thankful for the gift of being their mama or daddy (or Mammy or grandma or grandpa or what have you:).

All for now,

Friday, July 01, 2011

Strawberry fields forever....

Yay for strawberry picking! We got in on one of the last days of picking at this farm and I was so, so glad. We were all SO excited to go to a new farm and to be out in the country! It was sunny and hot so we stayed about an hour and a half I think and headed out when our water was low and sweat was starting to drip. It was so much fun though, I always love for Sam and Amelia to get to see where food really comes from. True to form, Sam loved the actual work of picking and Amelia picked for a few minutes and then looked for bugs and pretended she was a mama kitty protecting her babies (?) . It was fun picking and chatting with Anne while my mama played with the older kids and took pictures.
It will be good to have some pictures of me pregnant with our little Jubilee (Yes, Jubilee Rose is our baby girl's name unless we meet her and decide differently:). I have been soooo terrible about wanting to have pictures taken of myself since I gained weight after the babes weaned and the twin breast feeding diet was no longer. But, how sad for them to look back and not have pictures with their mama, right?! So, I either need to do something about it, or stop whining and just accept it! Whew, tangent over.
So, yay for strawberry fields and dirt and sweat and friends and baby bellies and a celebrated new wee one to come named Jubilee. It all makes for a happy, summer day.