Saturday, July 05, 2014

Happy 4th of July from our little firecrackers!


Summer Adventures: Park City!

A super kind friend is letting us use her Park City condo for a little staycation! The kids are ecstatic because there is a pool just steps away, and we are not great pool parents (meaning we'd rather be in the mountains, so that's where we go for free time), so it's a real treat for the kids! 
Gosh, I'm always amazed when people do such generous things like offer their condo to a friend with 4 kids for the weekend! Anyway, we sure are enjoying this special summer treat (with the expected "four kids in a teeny condo"moments thrown in there:)! Jen

Summer Adventures: Tracy Aviary.

Don't you just love birds?! They are Amazing. We haven't frequented the aviary here, but it is so great! Today we got to watch a bird weaving a nest with its beak... I could have watched it for an hour! After the aviary we hung out at the little rivers in Liberty park, then ate lunch while the kids rolled down the big hill. So many memories in that park over the years! 
Look at that sky! Beautiful day. Jen