Monday, October 31, 2011

What a beautiful day!

First of all, the weather today was beyond beautiful. Last Halloween was rainy and cold and yucky. This year couldn't have been more opposite, so hurray for that!! The day went by quickly and soon it was ready to get the kids ready! Sam was so excited to wear his firefighter outfit ("it's not a costume"). Grandma and Grandpa splurged and got this super realistic outfit for him and he loves it. Amelia decided to wear the kitty outfit she had from last year. She had the princess costume that she has been wearing frequently around town and the house, but the kitty costume means Halloween to her I think since it was their first time trick or treating last year and she wore it. Then we had little baby bear! (She did great and enjoyed her daddy carrying her in the fresh, evening air. She even skipped her fussy time!) So, they eagerly got dressed and baskets ready! We did a lap around the block and Sam loved the tasks of finding the front porch lights that were on and finding the door bells! Then we met up with a group of friends for more trick or treating and it got a little crazy keeping track of everyone and dark and so there are no pictures of that:)

How cute are our friends/neighbors?! This is Ally and her baby bee Charlotte:)

Are you ready to hear the sweetest story ever about this next picture? Well, I'm too tired to tell it now, but just get ready! It's gonna melt your heart.

Happy Harvest Day (as I grew up saying:),

Friday, October 21, 2011

These are the days...

I want to remember this moment. We were upstairs and Amelia was hanging out with Jubilee and me. She helped me fold cloth wipes and then played with Jubilee and then ran to get my exercise ball when the baby started to cry. I love the way Amelia tries to help. She will see a need and then just suddenly run away and bring something to try and fix it. If I am nursing and say to myself, "I'm starving" ,Amelia will disappear downstairs and pop back up with a banana for me. Man, it is so sweet! This is pretty new, by the way.I had started to think all the people who told me Sam and Amelia would be such helpers were lying.:) Anyway, the house smelled like apples as Shari was downstairs canning applesauce, the window was open and I could hear Sam riding his Big Wheel down the driveway, and there was Princess Amelia loving on her sister. Then as I rocked Jubilee to sleep, Amelia got up on that ball and told me a fantastic, very long story about a troll. It was one of those moments that make all of the overwhelming, frustrating, crazy moments fade away.

Oh yes, these are the days. The overwhelming, frustrating, crazy, wonderful, tender, beautiful days.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Our littlest pumpkin...

Jubilee is one month old! How can that be?!?!
She is already changing so much, and I know time isn't going to slow down. I'm so thankful that Joel got to take off work for her first two weeks and that Jim and Shari and my mama are here to allow me time to soak her up and know that Sam and Amelia are being loved and cared for! The first week home was a bit crazy. Sam and Amelia were pretty emotional and not sure what to do with me needing to be with her so much. It was hard on all of us! I was still emotional about the birth experience as well, and together with hormones being all over the place, there were a lot of tears! Still, with mom and Joel being there, it wasn't as crazy as I had imagined, and there were a lot of sweet moments mixed in there as well. One thing that helps is getting MUCH more sleep than I did with the twins. Most mornings, I woke up feeling kind of rested! I did learn pretty quickly that having her in the side car crib next to our bed wasn't good enough for her:) She wanted to be right next to mama and immediately started sleeping longer stretches once we had that worked out! Gosh, the nights with her in my room in the hospital were terrible! I knew they would freak out if I had her in bed with me and she was NOT liking the plastic bassinet and literally cried from 2-5 three nights in a row! :(
We also learned that she is a pretty content baby during the day as long as she is being held. Once again, thankful for extra hands so that I can sling her or hold her most of the day (especially that first week home!) .She cries when she's hungry, has a dirty diaper, lonely, or tired. I felt like with the twins, things were such a blur I often never knew why they were crying! It's much, much easier with Jubilee!

The second week home (three weeks old), brought Grandma and Grandpa Hunt! Joel went to a conference out of town and I really missed him, but after a couple of days of more behavior adjustments from the kids, they started to settle down and the days got a bit easier. Still, I had forgotten how demanding a newborn was and would get really frustrated that I couldn't seem to spend quality time with the kids and take care of the baby! Once again, thank the Lord for grandparents! I don't know what I would have done! Hmmm, must not have the pictures downloaded from that week. Will work on that!:)
Then we come to week four. My hormones have definitely stabilized a bit, the kids (especially Sam) are just melting my heart as I watch them fall more in love with "baby Jubles", Jubilee is growing cuter and more alert by the day, and life just feels a bit more settled. Most nights she only wakes up once. It feels funny even writing that, and I'm sure it will change soon, but for now I'm enjoying it (though I do make sure and pump before I go to bed, in the middle of the night, and in the morning)!

Anyway, just wanted to get these thoughts down while I had the chance. Oh how we love this precious little one! Jen

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Apple picking.

It's become a tradition I suppose, this Fall trip to Capitol Reef National park. This is our third year to come and enjoy the apple orchards, the amazing canyons and rocks, little hikes and the playground at Slackers (the kids literally played there for 2 hours the other day--have I mentioned how much I LOVE watching their imaginations in action?). In an effort to keep these posts simple, I'll just say it's been a fun little trip and I'm SO thankful for all of the warmth and sunshiney days. I feel like I'm drinking it up to try and store it for the wintery weather sure to be here soon!

We hope to be back next year!
Here is a post from our 2009 trip. What little cuties!
Here is a post from our 2010 trip. Love these pictures, especially the rock climbing series. They are such adventurers! They got out of the car this year and immediately were engrossed in exploration and play. I love it!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My friend Anne and I have had a few conversations about what our ideal self would look/be like. You know, like our best version of what our life could be. You have had those conversations, right?:) Well, I have had this picture in my head for the longest time of mine. I am a few inches taller and leaner (haha!), have long braided hair and am hanging clothes on the line. I have a baby in a sling and there are cats and children underfoot. The picture makes me think "contentment", which I guess is one of my greatest desires. Not "easy" or "stagnant", but content and joyful within the life God has given me. That's what the picture means to me (well, besides the vanity of wanting to be long and lean:). I guess that's what I think would "make" me be content, a life of home and children. Of course, that isn't totally true, and I do want to find my contentment in the Lord, whatever the circumstance.

However, the other day I found myself with a baby in a sling, hanging up diapers on the line, with two other little ones playing in the sandbox while their sweet and handsome daddy worked in the garden. I asked Joel to take a picture because, really, it was a little dream come true. A life of home and children! What gifts! I may not be tall or lean, the actual birth of the babe in the sling had left my heart a little broken, the kids in the sandbox were each adjusting to new life in the home, and I couldn't even find clothes pins to use on the line...but such good these moments do my heart! They make me sing praise to the Lord, for His goodness and faithfulness.

So far from perfect, but beautiful to me nonetheless.

With a thankful heart, Jen

Monday, October 10, 2011

Pumpkin Moonshine...

We have been reading " Pumpkin Moonshine" by Tasha Tudor, a sweet story about a pumpkin that rolls down a hill at a farm, causing barnyard chaos before it is turned into a Pumpkin Moonshine (or Jack o Lantern). The kids have been looking so forward to carving their own, and I have been looking forward to it for them, but I am just so deficient in my art project abilities!
Enter Mammy, our resident artist! They had SO much fun with her, scooping out all of the goop, drawing their faces on the pumpkins and then telling Mammy what they wanted the end product to look like:) Amelia's was the "scary happy face" , Sam's was the cat, and Mammy's was the peace sign. Beautiful! They worked so hard and long and could hardly wait until the sun went down so they could see them glow.
Thanks mom for doing special projects with the kids. Thanks to Shari for the wonderful dinner tonight, to Jim for all of your help and time that you give the kids. We have a little village going here, and I am feeling so thankful for it:)

We took a walk in the woods today...

It is Grandpa Jim's birthday today, and I'm so glad he suggested a walk at City Creek park as his activity of choice! Such a lovely time, and so special to have Jubilee's first walk in the forest. I think (and very much hope) she will follow in her sibling's footsteps and love the outdoors as much as they do! Oh, one thing I want to remember is how cute Sammy is these days when he is having fun or excited about something. He talks REALLY loud, even if you are right next to him. As in, "MAMA, LOOK AT THESE BEAUTIFUL LEAVES! " , but it isn't yelling, it is just talking really loudly. Oh goodness, I'll have to try and get it on video.
Ok, going to keep this short as I want to post more, but need to make them short and sweet so that I don't get overwhelmed and post nothing at all:) Hope you are having some wonderful fall adventures of your own! Jen

P.S. Yes, Amelia is hiking barefoot. She wore uncomfortable shoes (ahem, listen to mama next time) and so she just took them off and went barefoot. What are you gonna do? :)