Saturday, August 27, 2011

A milestone summer...

Sam and Amelia have had quite a summer. It seems like they have gone through a burst of milestones, language development and just development in general. In particular, though, I want to remember how much Amelia loved achieving two things this summer; pumping her legs and swinging herself, and riding a bike! I have never seen her so happy or proud or excited and it has been SO much fun to see.

Pumping her legs was the first. On July 4th, on her friend Vera's swing set, she figured it out and there was no turning back. She was beyond thrilled and just giggled and giggled uncontrollably every time she did it for the next couple of weeks:) Here is some video of her in action the morning after she learned, singing all the while of course! The song is first cheering Sam on to learn how to pump, and then mama, until Sam corrects her that "Mom is too big to fit on the swing!" Thanks Sammy!

The next biggie was riding a bike! She's been ready for a while. They got balance bikes not long after they turned three and she really took to it. Then came 6 months of winter and so bike riding was put on hold. Then came mama being "frugal" and not finding an acceptable bike at the kids consignment shop(no characters plastered all over it, not expensive, etc.). Then she and I were out together one day shopping for some baby things, and there it was! We bought it as her "I'm going to be a big sister!" gift, took it home (gave Sam his big brother gift that I had stored away), and waited for Daddy to get home! They practiced a bit that evening with him holding onto the seat. The next morning he showed her how to use it like her balance bike to get started and then start pedaling and that did it, she was off! Once again, I had never seen her so proud. It topped even the swinging. When she would see someone ride by on their bike she would yell, "Hey! I have a bike too!!" She had to show the mailman how she could ride, and anyone else who will watch:) Her proudest moment of all is riding next to her daddy though. All around the block he says she tries to not smile the whole time, but she just can't help it. They ride in the bike lane together, which I'm sure makes it seem even more special. Here is a video of her learning process:

Still no wrecks, though I'm just waiting! She zoomed around the park with a 6 year old little girl the other day and almost gave me a heart attack!

Sam is doing well with his sister's bike riding. He is pretty content with his scooter and big wheel for now, which is great because I know he'd be super frustrated trying the bike right now. So, yay Sam!
Okay, that's all for now!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nesting. Resting.

The third trimester. It's something I didn't experience last pregnancy. I didn't know what it felt like to nest, nor to need so much rest!

I enjoyed my little "nesting phase" so much. It truly felt warm and cozy and...driven at the same time. Joel finding me chiseling out some detergent build up in the washing machine at 11pm because "it needed to be!". Washing and drying all of the diapers and itty bitty clothes. Organizing my storage area was a big one. Not sure why I needed all of my children's books organized by category before baby came, but now we have a little library with non-fiction animal/general non-fiction/fiction/seasonal/and preschool sections:) Getting little Jubilee's space ready. It was all just sweet really. I still feel like we have more to go, but it has to stop for now. More on that in a minute.

Now, don't let me fool you. This third trimester has been fun and productive in many ways, but I have also been very.tired. I have spent much time resting, trying to get my feet from getting too swollen in the heat (I still say I prefer a summer pregnancy any time to a winter one. At least living here!), trying not to feel overwhelmed in the late afternoons when I just want to lay down but there are things that must be done, children that need attention and food, trying not to feel frustrated when family was here visiting and I just felt like a bump on the log most of the time.
Can I just say again, thank the Lord that my mom has been here!! Also, Sam and Amelia still nap most days if I lay down with them, and so we spend our mid afternoons reading and napping and that has helped a bunch as well.

Yesterday I had a visit with my midwife and my blood pressure was too high;/ A bit of protein in my urine plus high blood pressure equals an order for me to be resting for 70% of the day to get my BP down and keep it down so that I can go into labor naturally and they don't have to induce. Whew, that was a blow!
Thankfully, I am almost 38 weeks. Full term! Jubilee can come anytime she wants now:) We are just going to take it one day at a time. Joel checked my BP yesterday afternoon after resting, last night, and this morning and all three times it has been back to normal, so yay for that! Such sweet friends offering to let Sam and Amelia come and play while my mom is at works, sweet mom and Joel jumping in as soon as they get home. I have lots to be thankful for. Though I know Sam and Amelia are ready to have their mama back in gear, and I am ready to be back in gear, I am going to try and make the best of these last days/weeks spent with just the two of them. Whew, it is so strange just to write that!
As this pregnancy draws to a close, I feel such a mix of peacefulness and thankfulness, frustration and anxiety, bursts of energy and weariness. It's all jumbled up in there and I guess I'm okay with that. It's life, isn't it? Pregnancy and labor and birth are an intense piece of life, and I guess all of those emotions come with it.
Mostly though, no matter what may come, I hope that I remember the Lord's faithfulness to us. Whether in joy or sorrow, He is faithful to be there and to show his love. He has been there through this pregnancy, every step of the way. Through the beauty and joy and through weakness and weariness. I believe that with all of my heart.

All for now friends,

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Joel has taken the kids on several hiking/camping trips this summer. It has been a little sad seeing them go and not getting to see them in action as I stay home to rest. They all three just come alive in the mountains and it is one of my very favorite things to see! However, I love that they are making these memories with Joel and I love that they have a daddy who takes them on adventures and I love that we live in a place where they get to experience such amazing beauty!

Joel is also really good about sending me pictures while they are gone and filling me in on cute conversations he overhears. etc. This one just about made me cry:

Amelia: " How'd you get up there, Sam?"
Sam: " Mena, I'll show you."
Amelia: " You're a brave man Sam."
Sam: " Here Mena, hold my hand. I'll take care of you!"
Amelia: "Ok, thanks Sam!"
Sam: " Mena, if you start to slide down, I can catch ya. I can handle this. I can handle you. I'll catch you."

Sigh, good for a mama to hear after lots of bickering this past week (we have been shut in due to Amelia having impetigo. We were all going a little stir crazy). Being in the outdoors brings out the best in both of them. In all of us, really. I'm hoping Jubilee and I will be able to join them for some great fall hiking before it gets cold again.

All for now, Jen

Thursday, August 18, 2011

" Let's just talk about firefighters, mom."

It was 3:30 am when Sammy climbed into bed and snuggled against me. I said, "Sammy, let's go to the bathroom" and so we stumbled to the bathroom in order to not repeat some recent bedwetting incidences:) When we got back into the room he saw his fire chief hat laying on the floor next to the bed. He must have carried it in from his room where he had gone to sleep with it that evening. He exclaimed, "The fire station! Let's go!" He put on his hat and suddenly he was as awake as if it were 3:30 in the afternoon. "Oh Sam, we have six more hours until we visit the fire station. We need to go back to sleep. " So, he leaned against the bed, looking as cute as any child could at such an early hour, and said, "Well, let's just talk about fire fighters mom." I convinced him to hang his hat on the lamp and he climbed in and we did just that. I told him about my friend Anna whose dad was a fire fighter. We talked about how brave he must have been fighting fires and helping people and pretty soon we were both asleep.

The visit to the fire station later that morning with my mom's group was so much fun. The guys at the fire station were incredibly kind and patient and fun. I was so happy for Sam and Amelia to get such a great introduction to a profession! Sam is convinced that he wants to be a firefighter when he grows up and rescue heroes are the new thing in the Hunt house. Move over trains! Books and videos about fire trucks, make believe fires and emergency situations, and even their first action figures (a fire fighter and forest ranger that Mammy got them from Kid to Kid) are taking over! In fact, I put all of the beloved Thomas trains and tracks in their big basket and put them in the storage room as they have been out of the "played with" circuit for a while now:/ We'll see if they make a come back.

Anyway, just want to remember this transition in Sammy's life. I love watching his excitement and interest in animals, bugs, gardening, sea creatures, mountains, trains, music, construction and now rescue vehicles and people. He really digs in deep when he finds something that peaks his interest. There is so much to dig into in this world, isn't there? It's a gift to see it through Sammy's eyes.

All for now, though I have so much more to catch up on! Ah well, one post at a time:) Jen

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Sweet family...

So much to catch up on! Jim and Shari were here for two weeks and their visit came and went like light speed. We are so used to them getting to stay for a couple of months, that a couple of weeks was just not enough! We are thankful for the visit though and that they got to spend time with Sam and Amelia before baby arrives:)
The day after they left, my little brother and family got here for a short visit. SO fun! I was feeling so tired the day they were coming, thinking how much I wanted to get done before they arrived and how frustrated I can become with this tired, pregnant body! Then when I saw them I realized how silly that is. It's my brother! and his sweet family! They don't care if the house if perfect, etc. etc.
Don't want to spend much time online tonight, but here are a few pictures of today.

The kids reunited at 7 this morning and played all. day. long. Echo and Sam, especially, cooked up all kinds of plans. They made "kitty food juice" (ewww), built a house, planted a garden, painted, washed the car, and on and on. Basically, Echo made the plans and Sam followed her instructions on how to implement them:) Amelia just does her own thing and joins in when she pleases. Sam and Vera have a very similar relationship and pretty much constantly stick together when they have a chance. Anyway, I just think watching their dynamics is so interesting!

Hopefully I'll be back soon with some more updates. So many things I want to record here like things the kids have said, pregnancy thoughts, etc! Jen