Saturday, May 31, 2008

It's really super frustrating isn't it?

Going to the same blog every day hoping to find a new post and finding the same old thing. It'll drive you nuts. Believe me, I am every bit the blog reader as I am the blog writer and so I have felt this frustration many a time. So, I apologize loyal readers.

There is so much to say. We are in Texas. Just the experience of traveling here could make a very long post. It was craaaaazy. Jennifer, my forever friend (i hope:), thank you a bajillion times again for your "could never in a million years have done it without you" help.

We had a great time staying at the Hunt abode for the week. I just love it there. We had such lovely visits with lovely folks--we never get to see everyone I hope to but I am thankful that we did get to see lots more this time because we didn't have to worry about RSV--yippie! Reconnecting with friends, seeing the babes with's worth the few rough nights and craziness of traveling with two one year olds. The babes have done so well considering the massive amounts of change. I know, I know--you want pictures. Well, we are at Bub and Robin's now and are again connected with wireless, so you should get your pictures soon:)

More soon! Jen

Thursday, May 22, 2008


I love that he feels the freedom to be life will never be dull because of it.
I love that he feels pulled towards the mountains, the forests, the river, the trails.
I love that every time he goes to the grocery store he comes home and displays everything he bought on the counter for us to talk about.
I love that he does that because he knows how much I like to talk about food:)
I love that he knows a lot. About a lot. It allows him to connect with a lot of people and he does.
I love that he dreams big and he that he usually doesn't just leave them as dreams. He's a doer as well.
I love that he knows me inside and out. That he wants to know me more. That he digs and finds things that i didn't even know were there.
I love that he wants to share all of the precious moments with the babes with me. Walking into a room with a sleeping babe hugging his neck and tears shimmering in his eyes. Wanting me to see and to share in it with him.
I love that after nine years together, I know the adventure has only begun. Because with Joel, there is always growth and change and life lived to the fullest.

Happy 9th Anniversary to my true, true love--

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I am sitting on a freshly made bed with cool, damp air pouring through the open windows of my room. My babies are sleeping in the room next to me and my good,good friend is on an airplane flying towards us as I write this. To see me and to help me transport my two precious ones to Texas on Saturday so that I don't have to do it alone. How kind is that? So, though there is much to do to prepare for our trip and lots of logistics to worry about once we get there (will they sleep?--AHHHH!!)--right now, at this moment, life is sweet.

Speaking of sweet, today I was getting Sam out of the car and a little troupe of children and their mamas walked past our house. A little girl who was probably about four ran up to one of our rose bushes that is starting to bloom and put her face right up to one of the blooms. Then, she exclaimed "BEAUTIFUL!!!!" and kept on walking. Oh how I agree little one:)

Hope your day had some sweet moments as well, Jen

Sunday, May 18, 2008

His grocery store solution.

Oh yes he did. He pushed Amelia to the store in the white cart(the store is literally right down the street), then transferred her to the shopping cart (folding the white one and putting it under the shopping cart) and then on the way home had Amelia in his arms, Sam on his back, and groceries in the white cart. Whew. Whatever works I guess! Here's to creativity, Jen


Spring is such a time of growth. Every day it seems there is a new flower in our yard that wasn't there the day before and it amazes me every time. Of course, our little home is full of growth as well with the babes changing and growing and learning all the time--it thrills my heart. I yearn for growth as well. Growth spiritually, growth as a wife, a woman, a mama. Though it seems impossible sometimes to focus on anything but my two constant companions, my heart stirs. And so, I have to make choices in my days to allow time for it. Little chunks of time alloted to activities that fuel growth. Choosing to read a book about loving my guy instead of watching America's Next Top Model online (I confess) while the babies nap. Choosing to pray while I walk the babies around the park instead of talking on the phone. Choosing to be present, truly present, with Sam and Amelia when I get down on the floor and play with them. Growth is a choice, I am finding. Little choices that add up to desired change. That is my work right now. What's yours? Jen

Amelia working in the garden:)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

If I could hug our back yard, I would.

Really, I would. A great big, bear hug. What a friend it has been to this mama and her babes. Remember the days when I would take the babes back there during "mozart meltdown hour"? Then there were the days when they would take a nap together on a blanket in the shade while i hung the laundry on the line. I can't even fathom that today, but I have pictures to prove it:) It is still our haven. Today, as i busted out the back door with two whiney babies, I was met by the warmth of the sun and an immediate mood booster for us all. There is so much to explore for Amelia, so much to look at and feel for our little observer Sam, and rest for a weary mom's soul. Sam and I sat on a blanket and sang and felt the breeze blow by and listened to the noises on the street while Amelia crawled around and picked flowers, taste tested more pinecones, chased Willow, etc. Ahhhhh.
Another wonderful thing is that, due entirely to the previous owners of the house, there are sooo many beautiful flowers surrounding us while we play. There is garden soil ready to be planted in, a sandbox ready to be filled, a composter ready to's wonderful really. And I am very thankful for it today. So, here is to our backyards that give us fresh air, a safe place to play and explore, and time in the great outdoors. Love, Jen
Here are some pictures of a recent afternoon outside.....

Sunday, May 11, 2008

For the grandmamas....

A happy Mother's day slideshow for my mama and Shari who have both been asking for more, more ,more pictures:) Well, here are a BUNCH of pictures from our morning for you--hope they make you smile. We love you and are thankful beyond words for the moms God gave us. Jen
View this montage created at One True Media
Mama's Day 2008

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I think we should all reconnect with the little dancer inside of us...

This video of a woman dancing in rhythm to her four year old self just made me happy.

We have been experiencing lots of dancing around here from Sam and Amelia. Cell phone music, restaurant music, Auntie Shanyn singing, movie soundtracks...they all ignite the little dancers within them. Here's to all of us being a bit freer with our creative expression today.....Jen :)

Friday, May 09, 2008

Attention photo lovers....

The April album is ready--just click here.
April 2008

The first pics you'll see are a series of the babes with their shirts that our friend Erik brought them from Nepal.

Apparently, "Same Same, but different " is a common phrase used there. For example, he said that he ordered chicken soup at a cafe and they brought him tofu soup instead. When he pointed out the mistake to the waiter, the waiter replied with a shrug, "Same same, but different" and walked away:) So, Erik was trying to think of something to bring the babes (he's sweet like that) and in all of his cleverness he thought of how cute that phrase would be on shirts for twins. They have big people shirts you can buy that say that, but he couldn't find any baby sizes. So, he had them made. Told you he was sweet.

By the way, he is the one who did the ultrasound that found we were having two! He reached out to give a big high five to Joel and saw the blood draining from our faces and eeked out a ,"This is a good thing, right?!" He was met with a resounding silence. Of course these days he has to listen to story after story about our two precious ones, but at that moment we were two very terrified people! Poor Erik:) Anywho, hope you enjoy the pictures! Jenny

Thursday, May 08, 2008

If I could bottle this up...

Babies fresh out of the bath in their new pajamas...I just sat there and thought, " Oh how I wish I could save this moment." So many of these moments--I just wanna bottle em' up. Alas, time keeps going and I just hope to savor the sweet times of each of these stages for as long as I can. Speaking of sweet times, Shanyn is here! She has already been such a help with the babes and the house and, of course, her company is wonderful as well!

We also got to see my bub the other day when the band he works for was traveling through town again--we love those visits, even when they are super short. Oh how I love my siblings! Anyway, hope you all are well and enjoying spring, Jen