Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A welcome break.

The package man brought an envelope from amazon and I literally squealed when I opened it and found this book that I forgot I had ordered. A new book, just for mama. 
Now it's snowing, the girls are taking a long, warm bath, Ollie is sleeping and Sam is playing with Legos. Oh yes, perfect conditions for a little break, and if I don't fall asleep, I am looking very forward to a cup of tea and a few chapters of a book. Moments like these are much needed for all mamas, of course, but I think for those who choose to have school age kiddos plus younger little ones home with us pretty much 24/7, they are vital. I'm trying to be better about grabbing them when I can. Which means I must post this and get to it:) Jen

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Another adventure with daddy.

Gosh, I love that they have a super adventurous daddy who loves to include them on his adventures!:) That amazing sled Joel is pulling Jubilee on was a yard sale find years ago and has seen lots of use- one of our favorite yard sale finds ever!! A good day had by all (though most of mine was spent cleaning/decluttering- but at least the work got done!). All for now, Jen

Monday, February 17, 2014

One thing I hope never to forget is the feeling of a little one sleeping on my chest. Sigh, there's just nothing like it. 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

                                          Happy Valentines Day from our little loves to you!
I really love this picture of the kiddos, ready to head out to their Waldorf program Valentines party. Though, to keep things real, immediately after this sweet picture I found them slugging it out in the van over who got to hold the basket of valentines. Ahem. 
So, I like this next picture even better. A trip to Target after the party. All were in festive, happy moods, and no one fell out of the cart or got their fingers run over (which I assume is why several people looked concerned when passing by. Possibly they were concerned for my sanity? Hehe). Good times, cute kiddos.
On to pizza making and telling each other why we love each other so, and then bed time for babes and movie watching for the grown ups. Hope you had a lovely day too! Jen

Thursday, February 13, 2014

To my mama on her birthday.

Every year I say this, but it's just so true, that it is so fitting you were born on a day that celebrates love. Because you, who you are, celebrates love. Not the superficial, hyper sweet kind of love, but the deep down, nitty gritty kind. The Jesus kind of love. That is the kind of love I have known since I was born. It has been my example of what the word really means. 
You have cheered me on in every endeavour of my life. I mean cheered as if I were an Olympian! From gymnastics in the front yard, fun runs, jump rope teams, friendships, heartache, choir, marriage, pregnancy, childbirth, mothering. So many times, your belief in me is what has made me believe in myself. Seriously. And now I get to see you love my children. And, oh, they know your love is special too. From fairy picnics to hand made scarfs, to thoughtful full moon dates- it is a gift to see you be a Mammy. 
I have watched you love others well too. I have watched you love them abundantly, not just well. I have seen you forgive, I have seen you hope, I have seen you seek the best, I have seen you live out I Corinthians 13, really. In big ways. 
Oh mama, this life has not been easy for you. From birth to this very day, you have had so many trials, so many heartbreaks and so much pain. I was thinking today as I was washing dishes how fun it will be to see you in heaven with no more pain! Rest for your weary soul. Ultimate love for your heart. Not that I want you there anytime soon, though. My heart would shatter into a million pieces. 
I love you, mom. I'm thankful for you in more ways than I could ever write. I hope you feel loved today, because you are. Thank you for your consistent example of God's love and for always reminding me of His faithfulness, even through the poop that life brings. With all my heart, Jen
                    P.S. What am I wearing in this picture and look at those tiny babies!! 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

One of the sweet ones...

Sometimes a mama just needs a sweet day where things mostly go right. I'm thankful for the one we had today!
Though I don't really ever question homeschooling the kids (it just fits for us right now. I enjoy spending my days with them and they tear up when I tell them they won't be able to homeschool in college;), sometimes I question the *best* ways to spend our days. How to best nurture their learning journey while nurturing a toddler and babe too- whew, it can be tricky! Then days like today come along and I feel like I took a deep breath of fresh air.
Last night I miraculously came up with some Waldorfy valentines ideas to make with the twins today. (Have I mentioned they just started going to a Waldorf program on Fridays. Um, so excited.) They were SO excited to roll some beeswax candles, so excited that we started at 7:33am- hehe. Oh Sammy, he's such a project guy. He worked so hard and long on his candles, the tags, etc. Pretty sweet. Amelia loved the chance to paint, to cut, to create a huge snake out of beeswax...ever doing her own project, that one! Before we knew it it was time to scramble up some eggs for lunch and start the process of getting ready for Wild Wednesday. Gosh, I probably haven't even mentioned Wild Wednesday here? It's a program at the Ogden Nature center that we try to go to most Wednesdays with the Cox's. It's pretty great and the kids love it! Today's program was called " Wild Love" and was all about how animals attract their mates. It was interesting,  gross, and amazing!;) Back home and dinner waiting in the crockpot. Ahhhh. Now I'm watching American Idol with Jubilee (does that cancel out the beeswax and watercolor?! hehe) after getting baby down to sleep and letting the kiddos play ( "we haven't played together all day!") a bit late. 
I think some reasons this day went well:
* I got six hours of sleep in a row last night.
* I drank a chai tea this morning (2 1/2 weeks with no diet coke- hurray!).
* I had a plan for our morning that I was excited about, and they were too.
* The plan was beeswax and water colors- how can that go wrong?hehe
* We spent time with friends. 
* We learned fascinating things about animals. 
* Dinner was made. Everyone liked it. Enough said!
Thanks be to God for smooth days, for breaths of fresh air, and for encouragement. I know it's all from Him. 
Hopefully more soon, Jen