Monday, November 29, 2010

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

Whew, it's been chilly!:) We woke up this morning to SUPER deep (though they are on their knees in that last picture:) , light and fluffy snow. It was pretty magical really. Especially since we didn't have to get out in it. We played for a bit and then came inside, ate a big breakfast, made play-doh, skyped with my cute little brother and family to say happy birthday and farewell as he heads to Europe(!) for a few weeks on tour with Roky Erikson, face timed a bit with Grandma Shari, and then just played inside until nap time. Now I'm eating lunch and blogging and the sun is shining through the window onto my back and it feels so good. That's all for now friends, hope you are well! Jen

Sunday, November 28, 2010

First faces...

Life is so full right now that I have too many things to write about and end up not writing anything! So, I've decided to catch up by posting just a few pictures of "lately".

I'll start with Sammy drawing his first faces! I realize lots of kids do this earlier, and that's great (I LOVE seeing Vera and Echo's art, they both draw better than I do!:), but I also love that Sam and Amelia are still so free in their expression. They have no idea that they are supposed to "color in the lines" and thankfully their little school lets them be completely free in their art, no adult examples or pictures of how it "should look". Still, I can't wait to see their drawing creations, and seeing Sammy's first face and his "happy caterpillar" was so much fun! Go Sammy go!

With the encouragement of their Creative Arts preschool and all of the cold weather and snow, their has been much more coloring going on lately. They have never been big colorers, much more into play-doh and paint, but more and more they are spending time on the floor coloring away together and it's wonderful to see.

All for now, Jen

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm not usually one to brag about my babies, but...

Sometimes they really are just the greatest things ever:) Like tonight. We have been trying to spend more individual time with them lately, so tonight Amelia chose to go to the thrift store on her date with mama and Sam wanted to stay home and play trains with his daddy. So that's what we did.

Well, let me back up. The other night Joel took Sammy for a special night out. They ate somewhere I think and went to Target to spend some money Sam had from his Gee Gee. Before Sam left he promised Amelia that he would bring her a special treat when he came home. Joel said that about every ten minutes he would say something about bringing Mena ice cream. Even when they got to Target, he wouldn't go to the toy section to get his train until they had secured the ice cream for Mena! Don't get me wrong, he revels in his alone time with Joel and I. Loves it and needs it. He is and always has been, though, super thoughtful of his sister. It's just the sweetest thing ever. In fact, when they got home Amelia said, "What did you get?!" He said, "I got you ice cream!" She said, "Yeah, but what did YOU get?!" " Ice cream for you!" I clarified to him that she wanted to know which train he got and he finally told her that he got Percy and she squealed and screamed and ran to find her train to play with him.

So, back to tonight. While on our date to the thrift store (is she a girl after my own heart or what?!) Amelia first picked out these enormous rubber bugs, but then changed her mind when she found a cute floppy eared stuffed bunny that is very similar (maybe exactly the same?) as one Sammy has. She was VERY excited to find it and get home to play bunnies with him. We also found some great dinosaurs and a dinosaur book.

So, long story short. When they reunite after being apart, and especially if there are new animal toys involved, they CAN NOT stop playing and talking. It is as if they have been apart for weeks. Joel told them they could both sleep in Sammy's bed if they wanted (after breaking up some intensely fun dinosaur play to get them in bed) and that they could talk quietly for a while. An hour and a half later, he finally went back in and told them that he loved that they wanted to talk and play with each other, but there could be no more talking until the morning. About five minutes later I went in and took this picture.

Here is about a minute of video I captured. You can't see them, but hopefully you can hear a bit. I think it is a rat and the new bunny talking to each other. This is the play they engage in almost exclusively. Animals talking to each other, trains talking to each other, silverware talking to each other, dolls talking to each other...whew!

So, that's all. I just had to share. Amazing little souls, blessed to have each other (for one thing, I can pick up a stuffed mouse and be interested in talking about what kind of cheese it likes to eat for approximately 2 minutes, not twenty:) . Jen

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Today was a special day. It was the first time for my friend Anne to bring 5 week old baby Eden to our house. Eden's big sister Vera has been coming over since she was an infant. See?
Amelia, Sam, Vera
In fact, I think I may have gone a bit coo coo if it wasn't for Anne and Vera coming over to go for walks, hang out on the living room floor, etc. when our three were babies (and many days still:).

So, welcome to the crew little Edie, we're so glad you're here! (Anne, I hope it's okay that I stole this picture since I forgot to take some today:)
More soon, Jen

Monday, November 15, 2010

Giving them my presence...

A couple of years ago, around Christmas time, I read a quote in my Mothering Magazine and it has really stuck with me. It said something to the effect of, " The best gift you can give your children this year is your presence." Pretty powerful, right?

It's interesting because I feel like that gets harder as they get older. When they were babes, I pretty much adopted the mentality that the best way to go about mothering twin babies was to just be with them. At all times. When I would try to get anything else done, it would pretty much end in frustration. But then they hit three, and they started playing together independent of me a lot. I started to get things done, successfully developing a cleaning schedule, cooking more frequently, etc. Awesome! But I feel like giving them my presence is harder, because the need for it isn't as obvious, and honestly, it's easier to shrug off. There are things to be done! Today, though, that quote kept coming into my mind. So, when Amelia asked if we could play this game we read about in a book, I paused and then said YES! Even though it involves going outside in the late afternoon chill, even though we need to get to the bank, even though I don't remember where we read about the game or what exactly we are supposed to do...

Ahhhh, it was was so much fun! Just letting things go, really playing with them, giving them my full presence. Mamas are often with their little ones a lot, but I think we need reminders sometimes to put down the laundry, sit on the floor and give them our presence. I never regret it.

All for now, Jen

A little too quiet.

Well, the goodbyes have been said and a few tears shed as we bid farewell to the Hunts. So many people balk when we say that our parents/in-laws are staying with us for six weeks. "Woah! How long?! I can't even imagine that!" After living in Hawaii where it is the norm for generations to live together, it seems kind of funny for it to be such a big deal, but I get it. Living together can be hard. I can honestly say, though, that the four of us live well together, and that six weeks seems, in many ways, way too short! I think over the years we have learned to have lots of grace towards one another, which is essential. We all have quirks of course, but I think we have learned to look past them in order to focus on our strengths. Let me tell you, Jim and Shari have many. They leave us with a heart of thankfulness, for all of the ways they love us, for the wonderful grandparents that they are, for the way they love our friends and community--it's such a gift to us.

The house was a little too quiet with everyone gone today. No drilling or hammering coming from the basement (have I mentioned that Jim left us with a new bedroom/bathroom in our basement?!), no Shari in the kitchen cooking yummy things or filling her cup up with ice again or sneaking bleach into the cabinet to clean with (tee hee). No evening card games, no family dinner, no lively games of Boggle, or Grandpa chasing the kids around the house....yep, a little too quiet.
As we get back into the rhythm of our days, we will miss the bustle but will look forward to our next visit for sure.
Memories I don't want to forget:
Apple picking
Applesauce making
Boggle addictions
"Oh no! I don't think they are going to release me!"
" God, thank you for Grandma and please help her to ask before she eats my food.":)
" Grandma, you have really beautiful lips."
Train trip to Ogden
Thanksgiving dinner

and much more.
All for now,

Saturday, November 13, 2010

We're gonna miss you, little guy.

Dear Isaac,
What a wonderful visit we had with you and your mama and daddy! I'm so glad you guys came to stay with us. I know traveling is hard when you are 18 months beds to sleep in, flying, new places, missed naps, etc. but you are such a trooper and just rose to the occasion! I can't even tell you how much fun it was to watch you and your cousins play together. Even though you guys are two years apart, you had such fun! You and Amelia hit it off right away and were buds throughout your time here. Sammy took a little while to warm up, but once he found out that you liked to play chase, it was game on! Giggles and giggles and more giggles were heard throughout the house. By the way, you have the cutest giggle on earth Isaac. No really, you do.
Anyway, we are really going to miss you sweet boy. This morning Sammy's first words were, " Where's that little guy? That little cousin? I want him!" :) We love you and think you are so fun and expressive and snuggly and can't wait to see you again!

All our love, Auntie Jenny, Uncle Joel, Sam and Amelia

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Hello Cuteness.

This is my 18 month old nephew Isaac. He is as precious as they come,super laid back and snuggly and just all around adorable.

I love you little Isaac and am so happy to be your Auntie!

A moment to remember.

We were at Red Butte Gardens today and the babes called me over to take their picture. They have never done that before, first of all. I guess I don't have them pose a lot, I usually just snap as they go. With family here we have been doing more "Look at the camera, sit over here,etc." so maybe it was fresh on their minds. Anyhow, then they posed all by themselves, looked straight at the camera and smiled. I just thought it was so cute.

Then, of course, their daddy wanted to have his picture taken, so...

Oh my.

The three seeds.

How wonderful are Amelia, Sam, and their Auntie Shanyn in their production of "The Three Seeds" ? Very, very wonderful:)

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Is there anything more lovely...

...than spending an Autumn mid-morning exploring in the forest? We think not. Hope your day was lovely too! Jen