Saturday, May 24, 2014

First job!

The twins had their first pet sitting job last week, and boy howdy were they excited about it!! They were watching our neighbors cats for 5 days, and they took their job very seriously. Joel took them over each evening and they fed, watered and changed the litter. 
So, today they came bolting up the stairs gasping for air and giggling and waving their money, talking a mile a minute! " we were on the back fence looking over at that HUGE plant (weed:) and our neighbor asked if we had seen what she left on the porch! We said no and ran to see what it was! There was an envelope for each of us with our names on it and a cute little cat drawn on it! And money I'm it! And taffy! Can we go tell her thank you?!?!" So, I snapped a quick picture before they ran off to thank her. Oh goodness, it was the cutest. Sam is going to save his money and Amelia, I'm sure, will not:) 
What a great (and well paying!) first job experience. Jen

Friday, May 23, 2014

Family movie night...

So, for a few months now we have been doing "family pizza/movie night" on Fridays. We all look forward to it, and though there are glitches ( Ollie took a late nap and is up, jubilee is a bit young for the choice and rolls all over us whining until one of us gets up with her, etcetera:) it's been a fun addition to our weekly rhythm. For the first several weeks, we completely cut out any other tv/movies for the kids. Now I usually let them watch a magic school bus episode or animal documentary or something mid week. The CRAZY thing to me is that, seriously, there was no pushback from the kids regarding this change. Nothing. They don't ask to watch shows, don't say they miss anything...I have been so surprised! Showed me how letting them watch shows (especially Jubilee) was much more about me than them. Anyway, now it's just a treat, as it's meant to be, and we all enjoy it. We have tried to watch things that we have recently read aloud. So far that has included:
Several Narnia stories
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
James and the Giant Peach
Matilda (maybe wouldn't choose this again)
Swiss Family Robinson
and tonight...Dr. Dolittle! The musical version (from the late 60s I think) is really cute. 
Other showings have included Frozen, Prince of Egypt, Fly Away Home...and others I've forgotten:) Throw out any family favorites you might have! 
And I encourage you, that if limiting media more in your family is something you've been wanting to do, cold turkey worked well for us. I was okay with the amount the big kids were watching, but had gotten in bad habits of jubilee watching a show if she got up super early, or while we did school, or if she was fussy but "wouldn't" nap, etc. etc. A friend suggested I "nip that in the bud", and I'm so glad she did!:) 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

If I ever wonder aloud to you why I can't ever seem to keep things clean around here, refer me to this picture.
This is currently what is happening inside/outside!:) But honestly, how could I want it any other way? Except maybe with cleaning help. Every day. I would rather have it that way- hehe. 
No, but really, the other day I posted some pics on IG of the kids playing in mud and some friends commented that I was "brave". I was thinking about it later and thought brave for me would be taking the kids to some fancy place where they needed to be dressed to the nines and act super proper. Natural to me is letting children play up to their eyeballs in mud. I grew up in the country, after all. It does my heart good to see my little ones have a mud pit all to themselves to explore. I seriously think it was the best hour of Ollie's life this far! 
Ok, now back to the reality of cleaning the noodles off the floor:) Jen
(Side note: Found that vintage, radio flyer horse at the thrift store for $3.00 last week- just in time!:)

Happy birthday to the sweetest, squishiest, most laid back baby ever. We all adore you and can't imagine our family without you! You stole my heart the moment I saw you, my Mother's Day babe. 
At one year you:
-*Love* to play ball. Sam and Grandpa Jim have been your main ball playing buddies. 
-*Love* wheels! It is hysterical. For months now you have found ways to flip over toy trucks, strollers, etc. to spin the wheels! Then you just sit and spin, spin, spin! 
- You are walking! More and more everyday. I'd say 50% walking vs. crawling now? It's so fun to watch. Nothing cuter than a toddling baby. 
- Your favorite food thus far has been watermelon. You've always been a nursing champ, and still nurse in the morning, for both naps, and bedtime.
- I think, maybe, possibly, you are having a break in teething and might sleep through the night until the next round. Teething is the pits, and the past couple of months have been challenging as far as sleep goes. Yawn. 
- Love to be outside. So glad it's spring and we can be out more! 
- you are starting to be really vocal and try to mimic words and sounds we make.

All in all, you are just a doll baby and we love you to pieces. Happy first birthday Oliver James Hunt, I'm so thankful I get to be your mama! 

Sunday, May 04, 2014


And, suddenly, we have two *seven* year olds! Oh man the years are flying by. Hope to finish their birthday letters soon and post them, they really are changing so much! 

For their party this year they wanted to have a sleepover with their best buddies, Aviana, Cole and Alidia. Whew! Fun, easy, simple and not overwhelming for any of us! 
Joel brought birthday donuts first thing in the morning. Yummy!
Oliver was trying to figure out how to open that box of goodness!:) 
Then they opened gifts sent from Mammy and Uncle Bub and Aunt Robin- loved them all!

Working on their new activity books while Jubes stuffs a lollipop down her leotard from the party bags while no one is looking! Hahaha

They chose their decorations, decorated their cakes, etc. this year- so fun! I would say it was a rainbow,  unicorn, superhero theme:) 

Finally time for friends to arrive! Here they are reading the cutest story Emily wrote to lead Amelia to her fairy garden! 

Then silly string fights, presents, cake, pizza, a movie, singing, playing, sleeping!

The boys check out the new Legos....

Grandpa serves some lemonade...

Playing with daddy's old GI Joe's and adding in some new birthday additions...

Oh the singing... "Let it goo, let it goooo!:) 

The next morning the girls painted the wooden unicorns and dragons that  Grandpa Jim had made for them....

The boys enjoyed some yummy french toast....

  And then they all rode bikes and played until lunch time. A great time had by all, and the first birthday party where Sam hasn't been overwhelmed and unable to really enjoy himself. Hurray!

Oh, and I just had to add these pics of the thank you letters they wrote for my brother. I love, love, love their thank you's- they have always just cracked me up. Sam's are always to to the point, and Amelia's, well, are not!!

That's all for now! Jen

Friday, May 02, 2014

Handwork, special dates (for memory sake, Amelia and grandma to tea, Sam and gma to natural history museum to color, Sam and gpa to the new aquarium, Amelia and grandpa to baby animal days, Gma and Gpa with Jubilee to the farm, Gma and Gpa with Sam, Amelia, Aviana, Cole and Alidia to the movies...whew!) , outdoor projects, birthdays, Easter and just living life is a summary of the Hunt grandparent visit in pictures:)
Although it is definitely not ideal to live away from family, these concentrated months that the kids have had with the Hunts over the years (and with my mom during the 18 months she lived with us) have been pretty amazing. This trip I'm specifically thankful that they got to be here for:
Sam and Amelia's 7th birthday!
Ollie starting to walk
Jubilee talking so much more 
Sam starting to read at a new level
Soccer games
Spring blooms and blossoms (though they wreaked havoc on us all with allergies galore!!) 
...that's all I can think of at the moment! Hopefully more soon! Jen