Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sweet, sweet boy.

 I mean, honestly, look at those little hands. Those cheeks! Too tired to write much tonight, but couldn't help posting this picture. Now, to join this little (big) guy in getting some rest!:) Jen

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"At home days"

That's what the kids call days like today, blank slates with nowhere to go and nothing (other than a short "lesson time") on the agenda. The days are usually full of play, baking, catching up on cleaning, walks around the neighborhood. I treasure these days and try to make sure we have them frequently. But Wednesdays are absolutely and for sure "at home days" right now, and as I switch the laundry over, change diapers, play " monster mama" (unlike yesterday where I was a bit of a real monster mama,at least in my heart, when Jubilee wouldn't nap again), smell the pumpkin chocolate chip bread baking, go out to pick some tomatoes off of a very neglected plant,do some training and heart to hearts,it just feels right. This is breathing in for me, and absolutely necessary for us all. Jen
P.S.does Ollie's mouth look blue? If so, it's because he was sucking on a blue play silk dyed with kool-aid. Oops, does that mean his first food is technically kool-aid?  Poor fourth child;) 

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Dear Jubilee Rose,

You turn two tomorrow! What a wild and wonderful age two is, and you are already very much both of those things. 

A few things I want to remember about you at this stage: 

You love baby dolls. I mean love. You are the cutest little mama I have ever seen. You bounce your babies, pat their little backs, nurse them, make sure they can see during stories, push them in a little stroller, wear them in slings. Oh man. It's awesome. You copy everything I do with Ollie, which has shown me just how observant you are!

Speaking of Ollie, you love him too! So much! I'm so glad:) Hearing you say his name is one of my favorite things. Need to upload a video of it soon. 

You can do incredible things! Ride a plasma car like nobody's business, climb up those horrible arched, metal structures at playgrounds, turn around and climb down backwards, climb up tall, tall slides and slide back down, walk and walk on hikes...things that you seem entirely too little to do, but you watch brother and sister and just go for it! AHHH! 

You still aren't talking much at all, and boy, we are ready! I'll just leave it at that, this is your birthday letter after all. Hehe

You prefer not to stay with anyone for very long that isn't in your family. No childcare situations like the nursery at church at.all. You will stay with Emily and Stephanie (my two closest friends here) and they have children that love on you and will include you in play, so that helps:) 

You are not big on sharing with friends your age, or with your siblings,  but you are learning and the great thing about being child #3 is that mama and daddy know that with lots of patience and guidance, this too shall pass. :)

You love to play in the sink while I work in the kitchen, enjoy play doh and stickers and blocks and, of course, babies. You love to GO,GO,GO and are always up for an adventure like grocery shopping with daddy. Oh, and speaking of your daddy, you adore him. 

Oh Jubilee, our little firecracker, you bring so much joy into our lives. I can't tell you how many times a day your adorableness just overwhelms me:) What a privilege it is to spend my days with you and watch as you learn about this world, about love and family and friendships. How I hope you feel our love, baby girl, as we navigate this next year of your life together. I am thankful for each and every day we have with you, tired as we may be at the end of them. :) With all the love in my heart, Mama

P.S. On a superficial note, your hair grew so much this year!! Actually, just since Ollie was born 4 months ago it has gotten SO much longer:) You usually insist on it being up when you see me doing Amelia's, which is great! You also love pulling on your own pants, putting on socks, etc. You are very much Miss independent in many ways. So different from the twins. But then, you are very much your own little person, that's for sure! Ok, really, that's all. 

Her happy art.

Amelia just churns these out all day long. They are so reflective of her cheery disposition- I just love it:)
All for now, Jen

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Bittersweet milestone...

Moments after her daddy pulled that tooth right out:) 
Enjoying a celebratory cupcake. 
Seems like just yesterday that Amelia was wearing this dress! 

Amelia lost her first tooth on Friday evening! It had been wiggly for a few weeks and was just hanging on by a thread, so she let Joel use a pair of pliers and pull it, brave girl. She was SO excited. Joel and Sam played tooth fairy (I fell asleep before she did) and put one dollar and a ticket Sam made for her to visit the Sweet Tooth Fairy Bake shop the next day. Oh goodness, these little ones are just getting big so quickly. A first tooth is a big deal for her and a big deal for her mama and daddy too. We celebrate it and we mourn it a bit as well, seeing a piece of childhood seem to slip away with that tooth, sniff, sniff. Cherish the moments. 
All for now, friends! Jen