Tuesday, March 25, 2014


They are cracking me up today.

At lunch Sam was reading aloud from a Lego story reader and he looked up and said, " Amelia, pretty soon I'm going to be able to read fairy tales to you." 
"Yes!" She replied. "Especially if mama gets sick or , you know, gets pregnant again, then YOU can read me fairy tales." Ahahaha:) I keep waiting for Sam moving forward in reading to inspire her to, but no. Just as he was content to sit and watch her zoom around to bring him toys when they were babes, she is content to listen to him read, especially if it means he will read her fairy tales!

Then, I went outside to take some brownies to them we had made and they said, "come see our chicken hotel, mom!" They were in the compost area where our old Christmas tree is. Oh my gracious. Sam says, " As you can see, we have snacks (cranberries from the compost), a flower bouquet (bowl of dandilions), a trash can (the chickens food bowl), and the hotel itself (the Christmas tree) with comfy nests for the chickens." I peered inside the hotel, and sure enough the chickens were both laying comfortably in their "nests"! 
Sam just ran inside and said, " we aren't coming inside, I'm just getting books to read to the chickens!" Oh my. They are just hysterical. Knock yourself out,guys. I'm just reading this lovely book while the little ones nap! 
All for now, Jen

Monday, March 24, 2014


KSometimes I get a little angst-y over, well, everything. The house that is never all clean at the same time, the school goals that are oh, so hard to accomplish with diapers to change and potty trainers to train, little ones needing naps, big ones wanting snacks. And, speaking of school, Waldorf or Charlotte Mason? Or a combo? Or just do our own thing? Move to Texas, stay in Utah?! Did I mention the dirty house? Did I mention how not only the house, but my whole being feels like a bit of a mess most of the time. Angst! Worry!  
Then, truth comes in and calms me down. From a calming word from my Joel. From a hymn heard while rocking. I raise my hand right there in the rocking chair and say, "seriously, amen". From a Bible study that speaks to our need to dwell in the Lord's presence in order to see our need for Him. Truth. From a conversation with a dear friend, over the roar of toddlers and babies, the encouragement comes. From looking out the window to see the big kids bent over rocks, studying. I open the window and ask what they are doing, giggling with delight inside over the whole precious scene. Sam yells up, " We are cracking open rocks to see if they are crystals. They are, just not rare ones! That's what Amelia's book says." They had brought her book out there with them! Oh goodness. My heart calms down a notch. You see, we may be a tad behind in math (oops!), and babies and toddlers may "interrupt" us often, but these children love to learn. That's what we are going for, right? Deep breath, Jenny. And yes, I'm a mess in so many ways. There is very little margin in my days- they are full to the brim with children, home, husband. So, I neglect other things. Like, personal time and space and thought. Not saying that's good. I'm just saying, I wouldn't trade it. And I need to remember that. Work on the mess, yes, but don't let worry and angst overwhelm me into missing out on the joy. The joy of this life that has been given to me so graciously by God, who knows and loves me fully. Messy heart and home and all. That's all friends. Hope you are able to feel some calm in your heart as well, Jen

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

In our homeschool, lately.

* handwork- it's all about potholders and finger knitting these days. We are reading the Kaya series (American Girl) and many other Native American stories and it has made us all want to use our hands more! I even started to knit, and last night got past the first row!;) 
* Books- Finished the Kit series and reading about the Great Depression, now on to Kaya and American Indians. Grimms Fairytales (Amelia can't get enough). Copious amounts of Roald Dahl with Joel...daddy is ready to move on but the children are not:) Sam is tackling the tougher Bob books and some Dr. Suess. I read The Dirty Life, a memoir about farming and loved it and Etched in Sand, an incredibly sad memoir about neglect and abuse.
Curriculum: Life of Fred for math, occasionally:), Explode the Code for phonics. Literature and life for everything else:) 
-Rhythm. That's what we have been working on. I feel like we had lost our way a bit.  It's hard but rewarding work. My favorite rewards lately have been dinner at home, no screen time other than family night, Jubilee napping, and Ollie joining us for circle time in the morning. Seeing the kiddos doing finger plays and songs with him and Jubilee is the sweetest. 
- Of course, Jubilee's "school" from now until kinder is listening to stories, being mama's helper, and playing!

* Other resources: 
Friday Waldorf program where they go for nature walks, bake, paint, craft, sing, play, etc:) 
Wild Wednesday program at the Ogden nature center.
Homeschool P.E.
Friends. Couldn't do it without them!

I hope to do this once a month or so to record what we are doing and also for when the two littles get older and I'm looking for ideas:). It's not always lovely, or easy, or peaceful. But sometimes it is. Enough of the time that I want to keep going, and I want to keep striving, and I want to keep living our days together. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

New beginnings.

Mondays. New Years. Spring. Throwing off the old, putting on the new (in Christ). I love them all. I guess mornings would fit in there too, but try as I may, I do not love mornings.
Anyway, I'm sitting outside right now watching the kids on their bikes, listening to the birds, reading a magazine. Ahhhh, Spring. We celebrated today by putting away our winter books and pulling out the spring. Amelia, most of all, loves these days of switching over the seasonal book basket. She spreads them all out, sits in the middle of them and digs in:) Some favorites off the top of my head are:
Little Cottontail
Make way for Ducklings
Butterfly Children
Brambly Hedge: A spring story
Spring by Gerda Muller
The Bee Tree....
And many more!:) 
Happy almost spring to you! Jen