Friday, October 31, 2008

Play silks (that we dyed with kool-aid:) tied as capes around their necks by their whimsical Auntie.

Sam and Echo sharing a laugh (and space--which was a sweet sight to see as Sammy was having major "your in my space issues" with Echo D for most of their time here.)

We are going to miss you girls. Our Coco (as Amelia calls Echo) and Papa (as Sam calls Tara:). We'll miss Echo's little owl hoots and sweet smiles and laughs.Kissing those chubby cheeks.Her strong desire to be with the "big kids". Tara, I'll miss your companionship and shared passion for all things mothering. I'll miss your guidance in the kitchen department of my life:) and all of your yummy creations and "Nacks!" Seeing you whip around stirring and chopping and cleaning with Echo happily in a sling or on your back. I so want to be more like you in the nourishing foods area. We'll think of you both daily and miss your calm, happy presence. Love to you sweet girls. Thanks for making our home a better place while you were in it. Jen

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Friday, October 24, 2008

Every time, it makes my heart melt.

Here's to affection from the ones you love, Jen

Thursday, October 23, 2008

We had a beautiful morning at the farm today. The babies all wore cute overalls but, alas, Amelia fell/ran into the duck pond and got all wet before we could get a picture:) Anne, did I thank you for saving her from going head first into the freezing water? Thanks friend for always having your eyes on my children too! Here are the pictures we did get before Mrs. Quack, quack, quack tried to go splash with her duck friends.

A hayride around the land. Sam's favorite part of our morning for sure. "Truck! Truck! Truck!" as he stared at the tractor pulling us around.

Echo loved the baby pigs. How could you not, really? They were almost as squishy and yummy as she is.

The ducks. Sam and Amelia adore them and apparently are not afraid of them AT ALL.

As you can imagine, there was much nieghing, quacking, meowing, and mooing from our little ones:) Though we had to make a hasty retreat due to Amelia's soaking wet clothes, it was a wonderful first visit to a farm and I look SO forward to going back.

There are so many things to catch you up on, but they'll have to wait. Our time with Tara and Echo is flying by way too quickly!! I am so loving their company. When Tara comes it seems as if she just belongs she should always be coming up from the basement to walk to the park or to Whole Foods or to work in the kitchen together. One of my favorite companions of all time for sure.
Did I mention that Joelie is away? He was given the awesome opportunity to go here and grabbed the chance before work begins and time away during the week isn't possible. Can't wait to hear all that he learns!!!

Really must go. Hope you all are doing well, Jenny

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Little moments...

We were in the kitchen, little Sammy and I. It had been a rough day for him. It has been a rough couple of weeks for him really. Lots of crying. Lots of tantrums. Lots of emotion. So, I've been trying to spend some alone time with him as much as possible. After all, he is my little one that has always needed more touch and time....sleeping with us through his first year, loving the sling....sometimes I forget this. His ways of showing his need for touch are more subtle these days. He'll just casually walk over and lean on you until you swoop him up into your lap. Or he'll fuss when someone else is in my lap and finally it'll dawn on me that he wants me all to himself sometimes. A twin doesn't often get mama all to themselves you know.

Anyhow, he and I were in the kitchen. He was on my back in the Beco carrier while I was making this yummy squash lasagna for friends who were coming over. As I stood at the counter peeling and stirring and feeling him playing with my hair and happily babbeling away, it was just one of those moments I wanted to tuck away. Tuck away to pull out and dwell on when the next rough patch comes. Just as I was thinking all of this, I felt his little lips kiss the back of my head. My heart just melted. How I need those little moments as much as he does. Little moments that make the emotionally draining times fade away.

Oh Sam, my little spirited boy.....I love you with all of my heart. I long to know how to love you better and it is ever the prayer of my heart these days that God will give me wisdom on how to train and guide and love you most effectively. As I continue to learn, little kisses on the back of my head, or happy babbeling in my ear or sitting contentedly snuggled in my arms are the little moments that remind me how precious this journey really is. Keep them coming, Sammers, keep them coming.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's a fun thing to do, to go to the zoo...

Here are Sam and Amelia with a very "ferocious" cat. It was a favorite for sure. And yes, Sam wore Echo's cape all day today. Amelia followed him around saying "moon.moon" :)

Love these girls...

She stood and stared at this Lion for a very long time...

Sammy loved the fox.

Longing for a ride...

One of my favorite things about the zoo is hearing the way parents talk to children while they're there. We are all so excited to see our children see the animals that they look at in books and sign about and talk about. It is a place of awe, of delight, of total amazement to their little eyes. To see mamas and dads and grandmas and grandpas talking so excitedly to their babes as they point at the owls and foxes and birds and monkeys--it just makes me happy. To see Sam walk up and down the width up the cage with the fox and Amelia meow at all of the cat type animals--that just makes me teary:)

Here's to Fall family fun, Jen

Monday, October 13, 2008

I've been distracted.

The lack of posts have been due to a squishy, cuddly creature that has invaded our home and heart. She bears a striking resemblence to my cabbage patch doll and is just pure joy to be around. Oh Echo, how we love you so! Sam and Amelia give her kisses and think she is funny and fun as long as they aren't expected to share their toy or their mama! It is so much fun having she and Tara here with us.
Tara cooking up big pots of bean soup for dinner, oats and apples for breakfast. Long talks while the babies nap, walks to the park, crafting plans, backyard fun...

We'll try and keep you updated on our fun:) Jen

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Amelia and I had some fun with the Mac photo booth while Sammy snoozed a bit late this afternoon. While I was going through the pics tonight I found this one when she was a chubby little babe, and the one of my mom and I during her last visit. Mamas and their girls. It made me sniff, sniff a little to think that in a blink of an eye that last picture will be Amelia and I.

Then, my little boy awoke and I was lucky enough to get some kisses from him as well:)

Love to you, Jen

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Hello there moon.

Tonight Amelia "saw" the moon for the first time. She was up later than usual and we went outside to chat with Joel while he worked in the yard. The moon was shining bright and I said, "Amelia, look. That's the moon. " Well, that's all it took. She has a new love. I think she must have pointed at it and said "moo,moo" about 50 times. Even as I finally put her in bed she pulled her bottle out of her mouth and said one last, "Moo." And with that, all of the fussiness and frustration of the day faded away. All that will be remembered of this day is a fabulous family bike ride and Amelia saying hello to the moon. Here is a little taste of her newest vocabulary--the little bit that I have captured:

Monday, October 06, 2008

Walking into Fall...

It felt like we walked right up to beautiful Autumn today and gave her a hug. I know she won't be around long enough, as evidenced by the snow topped mountains that were in the distance as we walked in the mountains. We will enjoy each day of the wonderful crisp air and changing leaves and drinking hot tea and wearing sweaters and flip flops. We will march into each day with arms open wide.

Click on this picture and get a close up at Vera looking at Sam. She thinks he's pretty great--even when he's throwing a fit:)