Saturday, May 24, 2014

First job!

The twins had their first pet sitting job last week, and boy howdy were they excited about it!! They were watching our neighbors cats for 5 days, and they took their job very seriously. Joel took them over each evening and they fed, watered and changed the litter. 
So, today they came bolting up the stairs gasping for air and giggling and waving their money, talking a mile a minute! " we were on the back fence looking over at that HUGE plant (weed:) and our neighbor asked if we had seen what she left on the porch! We said no and ran to see what it was! There was an envelope for each of us with our names on it and a cute little cat drawn on it! And money I'm it! And taffy! Can we go tell her thank you?!?!" So, I snapped a quick picture before they ran off to thank her. Oh goodness, it was the cutest. Sam is going to save his money and Amelia, I'm sure, will not:) 
What a great (and well paying!) first job experience. Jen

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ann.e said...

so exciting!! I have lots of pet babysitting memories - good and bad haha : )