Friday, May 23, 2014

Family movie night...

So, for a few months now we have been doing "family pizza/movie night" on Fridays. We all look forward to it, and though there are glitches ( Ollie took a late nap and is up, jubilee is a bit young for the choice and rolls all over us whining until one of us gets up with her, etcetera:) it's been a fun addition to our weekly rhythm. For the first several weeks, we completely cut out any other tv/movies for the kids. Now I usually let them watch a magic school bus episode or animal documentary or something mid week. The CRAZY thing to me is that, seriously, there was no pushback from the kids regarding this change. Nothing. They don't ask to watch shows, don't say they miss anything...I have been so surprised! Showed me how letting them watch shows (especially Jubilee) was much more about me than them. Anyway, now it's just a treat, as it's meant to be, and we all enjoy it. We have tried to watch things that we have recently read aloud. So far that has included:
Several Narnia stories
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
James and the Giant Peach
Matilda (maybe wouldn't choose this again)
Swiss Family Robinson
and tonight...Dr. Dolittle! The musical version (from the late 60s I think) is really cute. 
Other showings have included Frozen, Prince of Egypt, Fly Away Home...and others I've forgotten:) Throw out any family favorites you might have! 
And I encourage you, that if limiting media more in your family is something you've been wanting to do, cold turkey worked well for us. I was okay with the amount the big kids were watching, but had gotten in bad habits of jubilee watching a show if she got up super early, or while we did school, or if she was fussy but "wouldn't" nap, etc. etc. A friend suggested I "nip that in the bud", and I'm so glad she did!:) 

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Becky said...

Hey Jenny, just thought I'd mention "A Little Princess" as a movie suggestion. It's a book turned movie, I think. One of my favorites. SO imaginative, about courage, and makes me cry at the end--a happy cry :) I can't recall at this time if there are any 'too scary' parts. I think it's on netflix, enjoy!