Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Good day, sunshine!

Whew, at long last the sunshine has arrived! We won't be putting our winter clothes away for a while because I know there is sure to be more cold to come, but we sure are enjoying the signs of Spring! Meals out on the front porch, the kids digging in the backyard for worms ( and now the extra bonus of feeding them to the chickens!), sunshine pouring through the windows, frequent walks to the park, kids pouring out of their houses and into yards and sidewalks, and our Spring book basket full of bunny tales and baby animals, Saint Patrick and Easter...ahhh. We were ready! I guess that's all for now..well, a couple other random exciting things:
*I passed my glucose test! Was a little worried since baby is measuring large, but all is well. We are trying for a VBAC again and are at a great hospital to give it a go. We will have a doula with us this time, which I think will be super helpful.
* Sam scored his first goal in soccer tonight- yay! He was SO excited and ran over to the side towards me but since I had jubilee in my lap and am slow getting up these days anyway, his buddy Cole was there to give him a big sweet!
Ok, all for now!

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Anonymous said...

cute !!! I miss them !! PaPa Joel P.S. Almost 6 . I cant believe it :)