Sunday, September 27, 2015

Our Jubilee Rose turns *4* !

I have to say, 3 was such a fun year with her that it was hard to say goodbye... but I have a feeling 4 might be even better:) 
Jubilee, you are such a helper in the kitchen. Still my little shadow that loves to help sweep, chop, spray and wipe, stir, crack eggs, etc. 
You still love to "go,go go!" with your daddy on errands with your little shopping cart. 
Your lisp is so cute, I can't stand the thought of it ever leaving. "Luthy" is what you call your sweet cousin, for example. 
You love to be part of our homeschool and the other day copied, "I am the light of the world" legibly! I wanted to encourage your big sister that if her newly 4 year old sister could do it without complaining, well....:) But you are all so very different, with different gifts and challenges for sure. 
You love pink and purple, love shopping for clothes and changing multiple times a day,  and are "a big fan of princesses", but you also enjoy holding worms and bugs and are outside barefoot everyday.
You love playing with your new friends here in Texas and love your cousins and family SO much, but you talk almost every day about Utah and your friends the Cox family. You are determined to move back and live next to them. 
You are emotional, stubborn, brave, cuddly, sweet, beautiful, capable and  know what you want. As your daddy says, "She's just real, real precious." And you are. 

You are loved and celebrated, little one! I hope you carry that unconditional love with you all of your life. Love, Mama


Emily said...

Love love love these pictures. Oh Jubilee, how we love you sweet girl. Happy Happy Birthday! And yes, we should live next door to each other, it only seems right. :)

ann.e said...

I love hearing a description of what she's like now and I love all these pictures!! Especially the one in the kitchen and the one where she's reaching into the bin at the market : ) Happy Birthday, Jubilee, I can't believe you are FOUR!