Thursday, July 09, 2015

Everyday magic...

Goodness, I used to write about their play so often. The little worlds/scenerios the twins would come up with, their phases of trains and then Schleich animals and dinos, etc. As I watched them all play today, I wished I could record their every word. It. was. hysterical. Grandma riding up to "Rainbow farm" on a dump truck, and riding away on a unicorn...a dragon named Scarlet and a Grandpa named Albert Einstein....I just soak it all up, this everyday magic. Domestic life is so very daily with dishes and laundry and meals and more dishes, sometimes I just need to plop down in front of Rainbow farm and listen in wonder at their imaginations in action. 

                              Oh, and these pictures? Yeah, I'll treasure them always. 

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ann.e said...

so lovely - love those magic moments. xo