Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer style!

Now that ballet is over for the summer and we don't have to worry about buns, etc.,  I thought it would a great time for a shorter cut for Amelia! So, we went over to Aveda (love) and she got a cute bob. She was so funny- embarrassed and happy and unable to stop making faces in the mirror:)
 Oh Amelia, you are just beautiful and growing up so, so fast!! I'm so thankful, even though there is a bit more talk of " being skinny" (what?!) and " trying to impress the older girls", mostly you are still just our fun loving, people loving, bug loving, Jesus loving, tree climbing, bike riding, sweet toothed, affectionate, expressive, hysterical girl. We love you to pieces, Mama

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Anonymous said...

Her hair looks beautiful !!! Luv you guys PaPa Joel