Friday, August 16, 2013

"The fairytales from Amelia Hunt"

*Told in rapid succession with barely a pause in between, other than to say, "next story!" :) 

"There once lived a happy fairy and she knew a little girl and the girl was not happy because she did NOT get teached how to be nice and the fairy helped her how to learn to be nice. The little girl loved how she helped her and then she helped the fairy when she was in needs. Now she just helped everybody in needs. Other fairies and little boys and girls who needed help. 

Next story

There was a little boy. He was really kind and there once lived an old witch. Now this witch did not like the little boy but the little boy even helped ones who didn't like him. There was one thing about this witch. She is trying to cast a spell on him but the little boy already knows that. 

Next story.

There once lived an old little bird and there was a fairy on her back! The fairy loved watching little boys and girls. One little girl knew that the fairy was watching her and she really liked it because she believed in fairies. She loved that she had a little friend fairy who talked to her every night and every morning. The fairy had golden clothes that shimmered in the morning light. The little girl was wearing a pink dress with flower designs on it and a straw hat. She was a really generous one and gave away all of her toys and the fairy knew she was the right one to make a friend with and they lived happily ever after! 

Next story.

There once lived a little teeny weeny bug. He loved fairies and he likes to talk to them and give them rides. Now, he said to one of his fairy friends, " Don't you want to fly and feel the wind and see how many birds are in the air?" So the fairy flew and he loved it and then he became a bird fairy because he loved the blue jays and all of the birds!

Now for a song...."

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Anonymous said...

Think she takes after her Mom ?? He he I do

Pa pa Joel :)