Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Our fine feathered friends...

Ahem, it's been a while. Again. Honestly, the only reason this post is getting written is because I drank caffeine too late in the afternoon and am up late with energy to spare! Tomorrow should be...interesting. But while I'm awake, I thought I'd tell you about some more new additions to the Hunt home. Chickens! We have thought about it forever, and when Joel's friend from work was looking to get rid of a few, we thought the time was right. We got two Rhode Island Reds and two black and white ones that I forget the name of. We are down to two after giving the black and white ones back. Wowsers. They were LOUD, they escaped, they were super skittish. But the Reds, oh how we love them. Quiet, friendly, docile, great layers...and Amelia's babies. I mean really, she adores them. She spends HOURS in the back yard singing to them, feeding them bugs that she catches, carrying them around, etc. It's pretty awesome. So, here some pictures of our friends..Clementine and ?? ( I forget).

That's all for now, folks. More soon, I hope! Jen

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